My account is impenetrable to hackers because i change my password every day in hopes that one day i will forget and have to find another hobby

You were summoned to another world to be its Hero. You attained amazing abilities and powers. Traveled to distant, fantastic lands and exotic cultures. Met and fought alongside incredible allies to stop the unspeakable Evil. Lost friends along the way. But now you’ve returned to your own world.

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One of my biggest fears is our brains inability to comprehend infinity. Space, we /know/, goes on forever but we still can’t comprehend it going on forever- same with numbers. They literally never stop and yet we just can’t imagine it

mortal minds fail to comprehend the concept of 24/7, a diner that is infinitely open


16 Analogies for Depression | Psych2Go

This is important. Do you guys mind sharing this?


apparently theres this local celebrity type guy that wears rubber boots with shirts that say i hate rubber boots and im thinking of becoming him when i grow up