m:robert downey jr

Okay the best Hollywood Bromance/friendship is RDJ/Chris Evans and I am not just saying that because I am SteveTony trash.

They honestly care about each other very much. So much that RDJ gives Evans the most kisses on set out of anybody (Chris, Seb and Anthony admitted that at Philly Con 2016). They are constantly talking love about each other to reporters and fans. All they ever have to say about each other is great, good and lovable things. 

Chris Evans’ man crush on Robert Downey Jr is visable from miles away, even sneaking little touches and he constantly holds onto him while they are in interviews together (Chris touched RDJ on the thigh at Jimmy Kimmel and then immediately realized what he was doing and pulled it off. If you wanna see him do it, watch it here it starts at about 0:40 in and of course it wasn’t like him knowing he did that he kinda just touched it and took his hand off but I can only dream!). 

They deserve the best and only the best of love and support!