lesbian couple in visual story app: “I’m too short to kiss my beautiful girlfriend!”

straight couple in visual story app: “SMASH HIS PHONE!! SMASH HIS PHONE!! SMASH HIS PHONE!!!”

In the future there are no custody battles. Children are cloned and their memories and personalities replicated. You just arrived in a new town, and in a coffee shop you’ve never visited before, a barista you’ve never met greets you by name and automatically starts preparing your usual order.

You’re the head of a software conglomerate, and as an April Fool’s joke you updated your TOS to include a clause that grants you sole ownership over the users’ souls. Upon your death you find that the clause was binding, and you’re in possession of thousands of extra souls.

my friend never logged out of Hulu on my computer, so I created a new profile on her family’s account and have been using it to watch Samurai Jack