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SWDBS might at first appear as mere slapstick, however, it’s so much more, and the comedic aspect is the perfect means to mock the way society judges and labels people whenever a person’s behaviour or appearance doesn’t match the stereotypical requirements of what is considered “normal”. It’s something the show promised in its posters in which Bong Soon is asking what is womanly while Min Hyuk is wondering what is manly. It’s prejudice in its most simple and frequent form - if a man isn’t seen dating women everyone is always so ready to jump on the gay bandwagon while when a woman isn’t dating men she must be either frigid or a lesbian. And people often do it without even realizing it because labelling is something that society and the media do subliminally.

Nowadays, people live under the delusion that after searching someone on the internet people think they know the person and then they label them. So when Min Hyuk tells BS that GD is his type, it’s obvious he is aware of the fact that she must have looked him up on the internet because that’s what people do about their employers and MH is actually a  famous chaebol in his own right; he uses that rumour to tease her.

Throughout the episode, BS keeps hinting that she “knows” that MH is a gay, he doesn’t refute it but neither does he confirm it because he is smart enough and experienced enough to know that no matter what he would have said to BS both answers would be a confirmation for her that he is homosexual because she already believes the rumours. 

There is another reason why BS would jump to the conclusion that MH is a gay and that’s because she has basically spend 10 years fantasizing about IG, the “perfect/ideal” man in her eyes, who with his no-nonsense attitude is the complete opposite of the quirky and unconvetional Min Hyuk.

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Hey Emily! I know you've finished your thesis, but I thought you'd be interested in this. I just finished Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld (like literally five mins ago - I blew through it this weekend), which is a modern retelling of Pride & Prejudice. It has an explicitly ace character, which I was really excited about! I won't say who, in case you plan to read it and want to remain unspoiled. It was really cool to see ace representation in a P&P adaptation. Let me know if you read it!

duuuuuuuuuude THESIS OR NO THESIS I’m always THRILLED to hear about books with explicit ace rep. I just ordered it on Amazon!! I’m so excited to read it, holy crap. Pride and Prejudice is one of my all-time favourite stories, it’s just [clenches fist] SO GOOD. 

have you seen the Lizzie Bennet diaries on youtube? it’s a modern retelling of P&P via a vlogging format - it doesn’t have any ace representation or anything, but omg, it’s SO sweet. I loooooooooved watching it so much. here’s a link in case you wanted to check it out :D :D :D

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Zootopia might have done a great job exploring prejudice and racial stereotypes but movies with PoC as the main leads should never come second place to movies with animals as main leads. Especially when they are as fantastic as Moana was.

It’s kind of ironic, isn’t it? :’)

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Trying to find a girlfriend in a small town like: How do I ask if she's a lesbian/bi/pan without being rude/outing myself/outing her/becoming the victim of small town prejudice? Bonus round: What is the likelihood she won't date me because I'm pan?


Honestly as a Small Town Pan™ I do have a suggestion c it sounds like you identify as a girl/feminine: have you heard of the app Her?

It’s a dating app for LGBTQ+ girls although a lot of people (myself included) use it to find queer friends irl. I’ve talked to and befriended a bunch of people off of it and even found out my childhood crush was gay too so I totally recommend it.

As to how you find other queer girls I have no idea I just cry and talk about gay things rlly loud and hope someone will hear me and also be queer rip

I want to be salty about Zootopia winning Best Animated Feature, but I really can’t

My mild disappointment only exists because Zootopia was one top quality movie out of FIVE top quality movies competing for the top spot this year, all equally deserving of the award, and I would’ve probably been a little sad if any other movie won because they’re all so good though ultimately I was kinda rooting for Kubo because Laika

Zootopia is an excellent movie, and in today’s political climate, it’s also a very important win because of its themes of prejudice and discrimination, so count me in for giving it a hearty thumbs up

Treatment is a dialectical procedure, which brings to the surface the weight of jouissance that words carry. Words encircle the truth without the subject being aware of it.

“For psychoanalysis, the symptom is not a "disorder”, it is a silenced truth that needs to be heard. The symptom includes the paradoxical satisfaction that leads to suffering (“jouissance”). Treatment is a dialectical procedure, which brings to the surface the weight of jouissance that words carry. Words encircle the truth without the subject being aware of it. Grasping these two faces of the symptom – language and jouissance – allows the subject to read his story and to make it his again. Then he can let go of a part of his jouissance and become responsible for its remainder in a life that does not necessarily conform to common morality, but is no less lawful for it. The psychoanalyst, having been analyzed himself, is one who has detached himself from this fantasmatic jouissance. Free of prejudice, he can then enable the patient to invent his own bespoke response, the one that fits him.“

Agnes Aflalo, The Failed Assassination of Psychoanalysis: The Rise and Fall of Cognitivism. Karnac. 2015.

Things Your Character Absolutely Cannot Stand

BOLD = your character DOES NOT enjoy this

Italic = Your character is begrudgingly okay with this, used to it or will at least look the other way

Strikethrough = Your character displays this trait, approves of or engages in this behaviour (or item)

Swearing/Profanity | Being petted | Certain colours | Nail-biting | Quiet environments or people | Loud environments or people | Slang usage | Mumbling | Tapping | Knocking | Rocking back and forth | Humming | Twiddling their thumbs | Nails on a chalkboard | Hedonism | Offkey singing | Obnoxiousness | Overconfidence or cockiness | Crying | Shyness | Scratching | Proper grammar/formal speech | Not chewing with their mouth closed | Belching | Unshaven/unkempt people | Poor hygiene | Yelling | Certain smells | Religious people | Non-religious people | Zealots | Hypocrisy | Arrogance | Ignorance | Defiance | Racism | Prejudice | Assumptions being made about them | Rumours | Arguing | Infidelity or cheating | Backstabbing | Routines | Gluttony | Laziness | Procrastination

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