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walt disney is a coward for inventing the underground system of tunnels for employees below disneyland because he saw a cowboy run through a futuristic set to get to his theme ride. a real creative type would’ve invented overwatch right there and then

There’s a phenomena on this website where basically anyone that isn’t a cishet white guy is disallowed from having opinions on things that aren’t social justice related, and if you do mention opinions that have nothing to do with social justice, people will assume it’s social justice.

These are the people who came here after the earthquake. There are a whopping 50,000 of them, they’re not impacting the economy in any way. The only justification of this is white nationalism.

I didn’t even kno charles manson was a white supremacist who attempted to frame black people for his murders that part is just suspiciously absent throughout the fanfare about him huh