like, i don’t have any opinions on blake shelton

and i’m a lesbian so i’ll admit maybe i’m not the person to ask

but i feel like, in a world where ezra miller and oscar isaac and john boyega and jason momoa and michael freaking hudson exist

how did he get voted sexiest man alive

has anyone told the black panther cast they cannot act that hard in an MCU movie… theyre setting those standards too high! now scarjo will be forced to have more than one emotion outside “head tilt” on screen 

Ella es insegura, ella tiene miedo de dar todo por amor, ella tiene miedo que la defrauden, ella aspira cosas grandes, ella escucha música en inglés, a ella le encantan los pequeños detalles, ella quiere encontrar a alguien ideal, ella es indecisa, ella soy yo

stranger things but it’s set in the 2000s and the boys are all obsessed with runescape and when hopper goes off to work eleven logs onto his clunky desktop and sits on weebl’s stuff all day