“tops don’t interact” this “bottoms don’t interact” that. We all don’t interact. this is why we’re all touch starved

alright you FUCKERS

it’s time you got educated on the only 2 facts you’ll ever need to FUCKING know

1. if it’s clear and yellah you got juice there fella

2. if it’s tangy and brown you’re in cider town


Trump’s last four weeks. Watch immediately.

Favorite part of morrowind is how Caius Cosades is completley shredded and an important member of the blades but just sits around in his shitty apartment shirtless doing skooma all day

also, maybe this is considered an unpopular opinion, but… i feel like you CHOOSE to be lgbt…? but it’s not like a “this is what i’m choosing to have for dinner” choice… it’s like… putting a puzzle piece in the right spot. you could technically choose to put an ill fitting piece in there, squeeze it until it fits, but why would you do that? like… it’s an unconscious decision. the logical choice in a room full of illogical ones. so like. take that how you will.

anyway cishet people don’t touch don’t THINK about this post this is for lgbt people only as far as you’re concerned i came into this wold a big ol’ lesbian and i did not choose to be gay, thank you

I see way too many teenagers on here starting shit and then saying ‘my mental illness absolves me of all responsibility!’ Or like 'stop responding to drama I started, #myanxiety’ or like 'you’re not allowed to unfollow/block me/subpost me’ and I just want to say……children….please log out, it was never this serious.

i have never directly @’d mick gordon and have only said positive things about his music. i dont know what is happening.

i can only assume he’s big in to melee. thats the only reason people ever block me.

me trying to explain to people in my life that i’m freaking out because taylor deleted everything she’s ever done on social media, and why this is an incredibly positive thing and probably indicates that an album is coming despite the fact that she has done literally nothing to suggest that