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I was rewatching the Supernatural Comic Con panel and I realized something very touching..

so jensen was answering a fan’s question…

and everyone around him gets rowdy with their phones…

and he yells at them but turns out the fans were holding glow sticks and waving them, so they decided to take pictures of them, probably to show their wives when they get back but little did they know…

the fans were actually saying Always Keep Fighting.

so everyone starts clapping, obviously, a very touching moment between the cast and the fans but within seconds everyone is over it probably because of the time schedule…


Always Keep Fighting my friend. We love you.

We love you.

The Waitress

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Pairing: Castiel x Reader
Warnings: none.
Summary: Cas is infatuated with a waitress at a little rinky dinky cafe.

Cas closed his eyes, his hands wrapped around a warm cup of coffee, listening to the beautiful sounds that was coming out of her mouth as she talked to the other customers.
Her. He didn’t know her name. Or anything about her, really. He just knew that ever since he lost his grace, and discovered this little hole in the wall cafe, he’s been infatuated with you.

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