@ cis women: y'all know trans women are de facto forcibly sterilized, right? Like, if we don’t have the money and access required to freeze our genetic material (aka sperm), we can’t have biological offspring after starting hrt. And since almost everywhere requires medical transition as necessary to get legal recognition of our womanhood, this amounts to forced sterilization for the majority of trans women. So that’s what I mean when I say I resent being talked down to by “cis allies” on the subject of reproductive rights.

[consults schedule] I’m an introspective and young person inclined towards the romantic, with a great deal of existential angst and considerable anomie. I’m due for a spiritual awakening if I can find the time.

where do all these retailers get off calling pants that go up to the bellybutton “high-waisted”. no. fuck you. that’s called “mid-rise”. i want to wear a crop top and not have a single inch of belly showing. i want to be able to button my pants over my tits. are you listening? you’re not listening. i want my shirt to feel redundant. i want to feel like i’m being vored by my own pants. bad-end, six pages into the comic,