other red flags to look for in a psychiatrist

-they run a content thieving horror blog full of stories about “psychos” and are not actually a psychiatrist

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Why is Patton so pure and innocent?

He represents my morality and inner child! Haha he’s not capable of much cynicism or ego! Very Winnie the Pooh-esque! Lol or Spongebob, maybe hahah

help a trans girl eat this week if you can pls🙏🏾

no funny shit…I really just need cash asap so I can eat at work tomorrow and monday. Like paypal is cool but I need cash immediately. if anybody wants to square cash me some funds that would be REALLY appreciated!! thank you for reading and/or boosting & donating !

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in the psychic video phil was reading the ace of wands card to dan and there was a strange and abrupt jumpcut. so my friend looked up what else that card means and it say that "the relationship is taking a more serious turn, meaning getting engaged, getting married, and having babies kind of serious." and the other cards were extremely accurate so...