Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.
—  John 14:23
Public school

-my freshman year there was a drug bust and they had to bring in dogs
-there were frequent riots in the common hall and they were usually about Dr. Who
-once a girl started slow dancing with her boyfriend to the X files theme during lunch
-for my senior prank we brought a bunch of humane society dogs to school and had an adoption fair
-For my younger sister’s senior prank they set off fireworks in the commons and a kid caught fire
-the same class rolled the trees on our homecoming night, dumped a jet ski on the front lawn, filled it with gasoline, and set it on fire
-Someone released a corn snake in the science hall and my 10th grade anatomy teacher shot it with a nerf gun she keeps in her desk drawer
-she also shot students with that gun when they talked during class
-the band teacher grunted constantly for some reason, so whenever the drum major called the band to attention instead of saying “yes sir/ma’am” they’d all just grunt in unison
-my 10th grade year, another band kid walked into the Chuck E. Cheese at the mall and called in a false bomb threat
-we got banned from the mall
-you can see into the vice principles office from the AP Language classroom, and people used to call his office during class just to watch him get up constantly to go get it
-some kid got tazed by the on duty police officer for trying to climb over the school fence and escape
-I had to pick up my sister three separate times over the course of a year because kids kept trying to shoot up the school
-they forgot to feed us at a marching band competition once so me and the percussion session ate pizza out of a garbage can

Trump claimed his campaign never met with Russians. Russia said they met with so many Trump staff, it would take too long to list.

The ‘witch hunt’ and ‘hoax’ claims by Trump are obstruction of justice. #resign