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Hello there!! I have been looking for five in which Katniss is first with one of Peeta's brothers. I remember reading a fic like that, but I can't remember the story line. Also I was looking for a fix in which Katniss is Peeta's 4th wife (or 3rd, I dont remember exactly)

Katniss dates or has dated one of Peeta’s brothers in: 

The Ache - kasskaban (now deleted)

untitled drabble - atetheredmind 

The Matador Part 1 and Part 2 - atetheredmind

She has sex with one of Peeta’s brothers in: 

Errata - Papofglencoe

untitled drabble - alonglineofbread

Katniss is married too one of Peeta’s brothers, in these stories:

Lines of Demarcation - Amelia Day

Riptide - Jlala (older brother)

Katniss is bethrothed to Rye in 

The Maiden and the Scoundrel by Appleblossomgirl. (new story)

To answer the second part of your ask, the fic in which Katniss becomes Peeta’s 4th wife, is The Fourth Wife by Amelia_Day.


Carolina and Anjali are the fucking BEST okay

as a fairly boring person, I hate those memes where it’s like “the last person you texted is now your partner for the apocalypse/life/prison” because it’s like Yep, just me and CVS, ride or die bros til the end of time

Right now Even and Isak are meeting up after school to go buy A LOT of alcohol for the housewarming party tonight, texting in the boy’s gc  

Jonas: Sooooo everything else set up?

Isak: I think so.

We still need to figure out what we do with the music.

someone let our speaker fall down four fucking fligths of stairs

Magnus: man let that goooo

it’s not my fault you put it in top of all the boxes I was carrying because “even needs music while working“

Even: aaawww :’) baby

Isak: stop it this is about shaming Mags

Mahdi: shame

Jonas: shame

Isak: shame

Even: *hugs Mags*

Magnus: :D

Isak: -___-

Jonas: Isak, face it, someday those two will ride into the sunset together

Mahdi: I can bring my speakers?

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