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Characters - Clint x Reader, Natasha
Summary - A stomach bug and a little meddling on Natasha’s behalf brings you and Clint closer together.
Word Count - 1,237
Rating - [T] Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings - very mild language
A/N - Everything in ASL is italicized. I also went for a cross between Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye and MCU Hawkeye. So Clint is deaf, though he wears his hearing aids.

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Being an avenger was hard work. Late nights and stakeouts were some of the most challenging parts of your work, yet it had nothing on being sick.

Of all things to slow you down, a stomach bug was not on your list of possibilities. You’d worked despite having a dislocated shoulder once, for Pete’s sake. Yet here you are, feeling miserable in bed.

There’s a knock at your door, and before you know it your best friend Nat is crouching next to your bed.

“Hey there, I heard from a little bird that you’re not feeling well.” She smiles lightly, concern showing in the way she looks you over.

You frown and nod, feeling grumpy and irritable. The last thing you wanted to do was talk when you felt like each time you opened your mouth, you’d puke.

She tutted. “Well tell me what’s wrong. Birdboy is gonna take a trip to the grocery store soon, I can tell him to pick you up a few things.”

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I'm pissed they did that to Elia. Rhaegar was a true douche canoe and I'm sorry to say so was Lyanna if she willingly did that. That said, Jon could go 2 ways. Follow in the footsteps of his "father" and betray his family for another woman or he could be a foil and choose his family and his home and all he's known. Knowing Jon, I sincerely hope they go for the latter. Otherwise, I would have no choice but to hate him and I do not want to hate Jon Snow.

No lie Nonny, what Rhaegar did to Elia is horrible. And not just that -but what about his children? I’d certainly like to know more about R/L. I don’t think that she was kidnapped and raped, but I’m also not so sure that it’s the epic love story that others paint it as, either.

Think about it -Rhaegar was 23 or 24 when he died, and Lyanna was just 13/14. A very young and possibly naive girl who I have no doubt was probably infatuated with the handsome prince. It’s Rhaegar’s motives that I’m more suspicious of. Did he seduce and use Lyanna? Did he truly love her? He was so obsessed with TPTWP prophecy and in fulfilling it -I need more info to make a more informed decision on them.

As for Jon ….I have absolute faith in him, Nonny. I KNOW who he loves and where his loyalties lie.


this was a lot funnier in my head