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i used to have a friend who was on the very well-off/rich range like she had everything she wanted and lived in one of those really nice communities with the big ass houses and she REFUSED to believe she was rich like i told her time and time again and she never believed me

Its cause they live in a bubble

im so fucking annoyed some dickhead lost his ring in the river so i was like hey i’ll get it. so i did, and i got attacked by a bunch of frogs and it almost fucking killed me, we barely got out alive. so i say ‘heres your ring, how about a reward’ and he was like ‘what the fuck. fuck you. how dare you ask me for a reward’ LIKE. COME ON. I ALMOST DIED TO FROGS FOR YOUR RING

the way people depict modern fashion sometimes is totally inaccurate so it makes me wonder how many of those “fashion from x decade” things are actually true and not just like completely wrong totally bougie high fashion runway clothes that a normal person never actually wore on their body