“its the FANS fault mass effect andromeda isnt getting dlc” oh yah bcs i thought it was eas decision to open a new bioware studio staffed with people whod never made a full game, horrifically mismanaged that studio and then shutter it once they predictably did not turn out a top tier product that fucked this entire franchise but im sure garrus_fan_10000’s mean tumblr post is what made them cancel the dlc

“I’m trying to undo old patterns. If she does something that was prohibited in my own childhood, I automatically react. It comes from inside of me. So if we need to go somewhere, and she’s resisting, and I feel like yelling, I’ll turn it into a game. I’ll be the mother cat, and she’ll be the kitten. Or we’ll both be princesses going on an adventure. Honestly, I think the pretending helps me more than it helps her. It’s what forces me out of those patterns.”

(Moscow, Russia)

Opinion: In this time of trouble we need the musical "Hamilton" now, more than ever.

by Me, August 20, 2017

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Quick comic idea, what if Felix tries to do Bendy but it's all just a dream! (yeah it's dumb but I can't draw it, so I thought you could)

meanwhile in the good old reality: