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Would you post a picture of you in a croptop?I think you'd rock it

Oh! Hmmmm never thought about that hahah, the closest thing I got to one was the Halloween costumes vine haha

I love Queen because half of their songs are mind-blowing pieces about life and death and love and humanity’s inability to live together without destroying ourselves, and the other half are like “I love my bike”

  • Far Cry 1-4: Shoot at brown people.
  • Far Cry 5: Shoot at white people.
  • Far Cry 6: Shoot your parents.
  • Far Cry 7: Shoot nobody.
  • Far Cry 8: Stay home and have a nice pepsi.

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Sometimes I'm scared to tell people that I'm a heterosexual Christian because I'm afraid they'll automatically assume I'm unaccepting and homophobic when really I'm actually very accepting and willing to learn and correct any mistakes or misunderstandings I might have or make and I just want everyone to know that people like that are out there

Lol well just say that, and let them determine that on their own. If you’re willing to accept people for who they are, that’s best shown through your actions and through your future words. Automatic assumption and judgment is exactly the thing many people in the LGBTQIA+ community deal with allllllll the time.

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ur the living embodiment of the picture of the guy in the hat in the really big pants jumping in front of a pink background

I have no idea what picture you’re referring to but I’m feelin it

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What should I draw? It midnight and I can't fall asleep because I want to draw, but can't think of anything

Draw Magic Mike but with the Avengers

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How much money would someone have to give you to kiss Leo?

Literally 0 dollars. I’ve done it on my own account many many times