this website is proof “be yourself” isnt advice applicable to everyone some of yall really just need to keep that weird shit inside til you die

“I got divorced when I was sixty-four. We had a good run. We were married for 36 years. We’re not enemies. We just outgrew each other. When the kids were in the house, all our focus was on them. But after they left, there just wasn’t any reason to keep doing it. We were just living our own lives—together. Neither of us was all that interested in changing. So what’s the point in staying together? If you talk to most people my age, and they’re really being honest, they’ll tell you that they’re dissatisfied with their partner. But then they’ll shrug their shoulders and say: ‘Where else am I going to go?’ Because most people can’t stand to be alone. My ex-wife and I never had that problem.”

the new healthcare (‘trumpcare’) bill allows insurance companies to price their premiums high when you’re sick.

that will literally kill people. for profit.

not only that, this bill will leave even more people uninsured than the former.

capitalism really is ruthless.

eyeing dems who’d rather “compromise” on this than consider single payer…

I feel zero sympathy for black people who say they don’t date other black people. They need shame and Jergens Ultra Healing to heal the ash