the reason people often don’t feel guilty for exploiting others under capitalism for self benefit is because it’s rewarded and viewed as a necessary part of society, not because all of them are sociopaths.

this is really not that hard to understand.

ojalá no seas consciente del daño que me haces

con tus palabras, con tus acciones,

me mataría por dentro saber que lo estás 

y ni siquiera te importo un poco 

I don’t know about you… but I wouldn’t classifying wanting a complete genocide of non white races/ethnicities simply as a “disagreement”. You’re completely belittling the absolute vomit inducing culture of white supremacy and all its facets (nazism, alt right, “traditionalism”, etc)

I often forget that there are people out in the world who ignorantly categorize racism toward people of color as an “opinion” and a “disagreement”. It’s something they can look past as if the person said they didn’t like apples.