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20 Seconds of Bravery Ch 5

   [AU: I know this chapter is really short. I just wanted a light and fluffy chapter cause I’ve been busy. The next chapter is going to be from V’s point of view so it will defiantly be longer]   

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         I woke up to my phone ringing very loudly and my pounding head did not approve. I couldn’t read the name but saw Shelby’s picture. As soon as I answered she began screaming and I had to hold the phone away from my ear. “Eric told me everything. Now spill! How could you be dating someone and not tell me?”

“Shelby. Bring it down. I’m hungover and haven’t had my coffee. So please just bring it down.” I noticed that at some point I had taken off my sweat pants and was just wearing an oversized t-shirt. “Ok now please talk slowly and quitely.

"Wait your hungover? You guys didn’t have sex did you?” My face turned red and I shrank into my bed.

“Of course not! I just had some wine to unwind because a lot of stuff happened last night. Now I’m invoking the rule of thirds so ask your three questions cause I need to get some damn coffee.” I got out of bed very slowly as I listened to her questions.

“Ok first of all what’s this guys name? How did you meet him, and what does he look like?” I rolled my eyes at her last question. I was walking down the hall way and noticed that something smelled really good.

“His name is Jihyun Kim, but everyone calls him V. I met him when he took my picture in the grocery store. He’s very handsome with bright mint eyes and hair to match.” I was now in the kitchen and saw V standing over by my stove. “He’s also very kind and sweet.” I then remembered that I wasn’t wearing any pants. “Shelby I got to go. I’m about to die of embarrassment.” I could hear her laughing over the phone.

“Just make sure you come to the shop today and bring pictures!” I hung up the phone and could tell that V was trying not to look at me. His face was probably as red as mine.

“Soooooo, I’m gonna go put some pants on. I am so sorry.” I practically ran back to my room. Once I closed the door I flung myself on my bed and hid under the blanket. V had just seen my underwear and I was mortified. Were they even cute looking ones or were they a gross looking pair. Thinking about either option made me blush even more. Then I heard a knock at the door.

“MC are you ok? I promise I didn’t see anything. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t having an attack.” I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Attack no. I’m just dying of embarrassment. I’ll be out in a sec.”

“Ok. I made eggs and coffee when you come out.” I heard him walk away and I came out from under the blanket. Once I tracked down my sweat pants I took a deep breathe and opened the door. When I walked back to the kitchen I saw V standing at the sink with his back to me. I walked over to the coffee pot and poured a cup of coffee. “Good morning.” I was amazed at how calm and casual V sounded. He really was a gentleman.

“I guess that’s one way to put it.” I laughed a little bit and my head throbbed in response. “Can you hand me the bottle of aspirin in that cabinet. My head is killing me.”

“Told you that you were drunk last night.” V said as he passed me the bottle. I popped two in my mouth and took a drink of coffee.

“Trust me I was not drunk last night. Drunk me is hyper and refuses to stay put. If was drunk I would not have woken up safe in my bed.” Now V was laughing.

“That sounds interesting. I wonder if I’ll get to see that some day.” I sat down and began to ate my eggs. I thought about the last time I was actually drunk. It was probably about two years ago at my graduation party.

“I wouldn’t hold your breathe. It’s been over two years since I got drunk like that and I honestly don’t remember anything that happened. All I remember is that I woke up in an I-hop bathroom with a huge black eye.” V gave me a look and I just shrugged as I took another bite of my eggs. “Like I said I don’t remember anything. Oh my god these eggs are so good!” I took another bite and V’s face lit up.

“Well I’m glad you like them. I figured it was the least I could do since you let me stay here last night. Plus Azul kinda woke me up early.” I gave V a confused look and he explained. “At some point he came into my room and he was trying to sleep on the pillow with me. I rolled over and was inhaling fur. It was quite shocking.” I glared at my cat but he didn’t even notice.

“I am so sorry about that. He usually sleeps in my room so I didn’t even think that he’d sleep with you. Come to think of it he’s been really friendly to you and Jumin which is weird for him. Since Yeti became my new therapy cat he usually just keeps to himself and hides from people.” I finished my eggs and put the plate in the sink. I noticed that V was now looking at my cats too.

“I see. I never knew that was an option for cats.” He had his hand on his chin and his brow was pushed together. He seemed so deep and thought and I couldn’t help but stare. I noticed his camera on the counter next to me and picked it up and took his picture. The click of the shutter snapped him out his thoughts. “What was that for?” He said with a smirk on his face. I just shrugged and walked the camera over to him.

“You just looked so thoughtful and handsome.” I saw him blush as he took the camera. “Plus you have like two pictures of me and now I have one of you.” He was still blushing a little as he laughed.

“I guess fair is fair. May I see your phone?” I didn’t question him but I did give him a curious look while I gave him my phone. He popped the back off and put the chip from the camera into the phone. “There now you have it. I hope it makes you happy.” He handed me back my phone. I looked at the image and smiled. It was very nice but it honestly didn’t do him justice. V, in real life, had this aura that I couldn’t quite put my finger on but it was very bright and warm. The picture didn’t show any of that so it gave off a more lonely and cold vibe. The picture looked like a man who was struggling to find peace. “What’s wrong? You don’t like it?” I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at V.

“No I do. You just look so different in the picture than in real life. It really doesn’t do you justice.” He was blushing again and I smiled. “Thank you V. I really do love it.” I reached for his hand and held it. He returned the gesture by giving my hand a squeeze and then lightly kissing it. His hand was so soft and warm. I almost didn’t want to let go but then I saw the time. “Crap. I didn’t realize how late I slept in. I’m sorry if I kept you from anything. I know you’re probably really busy.” V smiled and just shook his head.

“It’s alright. I’ve got some time before I go meet Jumin for lunch. Then after that I’m going to see Luciel’s house to talk to him. I feel like my phone will catch on fire if I don’t go talk to him.” V laughed like it was nothing but I knew why Luciel kept calling V.

“If you need to you can tell him about Jake. I know that Luciel is concerned about your safety so it’s ok if you tell him.” V smiled softly and rubbed his thumb over my hand.

“I won’t tell Luciel about it unless Jake tries to hurt you.” V paused like he was thinking about what he wanted to say next. “Since you brought it up, have you gotten anymore contact from him?” I bit my lip and looked down at our hands. I didn’t want to lie to V but I also didn’t want him to get angry. No words came out when I opened my mouth, so I just nodded my head. “I’m sorry MC. Can you tell me what he said?”

“It’s only going to make you angry. Hell it pisses me off but I least I know that he has someone keeping tabs on me. If you really want to read it then you can.” V picked my phone up and looked at it. “I don’t want to hide any of this from you because that would mean that he wins and I’m still afraid of him. I meant what I said last night when I said I wanted to fight him. That’s why I don’t care if you tell Luciel. He can actually probably help once I figure out what to do.” V put my phone back on the table and stood up. He pulled me out of my seat and hugged me.

“I swear MC that he isn’t going to hurt you anymore. I’ll give the phone number to Luciel so that we at least know whose watching you. We’ll talk later about coming up with a plan.” I pulled away from V and he put his hands on the sides of my face. “Just don’t try and take him on alone ok? Trust me that never works.” I smiled and placed my hands on top of his.

“I know. I wouldn’t be saying any of this if it wasn’t for you. Thank you.” I was about to hug him again when my phone rang. I saw V’s face turn serious. “Don’t worry that’s Shelby’s ring tone. Hold on a second.” I turned around and picked up my phone. “Hello?”

“Hey when are you coming to the shop? Eric could use the help if you don’t mind. He has a lot of inventory and I have to leave him with E.J.”

“I can be there within the hour. Are you going to an audition?” I listened to her as I watched V pet my cats.

“Yeah so if you could help out that’d be great. I’ll buy you dinner and we can talk then. You better bring pictures!” I rolled my eyes and V gave me a curious look.

“Alright I’ll be there as soon as I can. Bye.” I hung up the phone and sighed. “I need to go to Eric’s shop and help out. Sorry to bail on you.”

“No need to apologize. You go get ready and I’ll walk you to the shop if that’s ok.” I smiled at him and nodded.

“I’d like that very much. Let me just go get ready and we can go.” I began to walk towards my bed room but stopped halfway. “Go ahead and make yourself at home. I’ll be back.” I then went to my room and got ready for the day.