the fatal flaw in making a story about animals sorted into predators and not-predators is that, if given an opportunity, like 99% of ‘herbivore’ animals can and will eat meat..

ariana has such a huge pure heart full of love and compassion for everyone, especially her fans…. pray for her mental health, this is going to scar her for life

crystalismayhem  asked:

What are the quirks that zodiac children do or say?

we express more of our moon sign as children but its hard to know the moon signs of kids you dont know lol 

like aries sun kids are ultra accident prone. frequent doctor visits. and aries moon kids are really clingy

taurus kids are really mature, they can take on a young mothering role, they also really love smells and soaps and getitng into mums makeup and clothes 

gemini kids and mercury kids never stop asking questions, u would have to be an encyclopedia to figure out everything they ask. they dont like being spoken down to like they are a child it makes them feel dumb

cancer and cancer moon kids are really really sensitive to the moon and its phases. moody already. talk about ‘threenagers’ 

leo and leo moon kids love to put on shows and performances for family, also they are very receptive to mother figures

virgo and virgo moon kids are really responsive to routine. also they love puzzles and trying to fit things into things and exploring with their hands like boxes full of stuff they can re-arrange. they may have irrational fears  

libra and libra moons can be quiet kids cause they pick up everything going on 

scorpio and scorpio moon kids are really receptive, unpredictable, they are selective about who they attach to, and they pick up things no one their age should

sagittarius and sagittarius moon kids get easily stir crazy. they love dogs. they neeeed to run around and eat dirt and explore and swim and not be stuck inside 

capricorn and capricorn moon kids are old souls. they tend to be easy easy babies, calm and peaceful, they are mature for their age and may prefer the company of older people

aquarius and aquarius moon kids are  clever. they ask the weirdest, trippiest questions. they want adequate answers for their questions, they can also have difficulty in school 

pisces and pisces moon kids have a sensitivity that takes years to come to terms with and understand. they are extremely psychic but often fear expressing this


generally I think a “good” tutorial or art resource is one that tries to explain what’s going on so that you can understand why the info they’re presenting is “true”. like WHY you’d pick these colors, or WHY you’d draw folds here. that way you can understand more of the world around you and use that understanding to draw new stuff from your own head.

and a “useless” tutorial is one that just is like “how to draw pants” and then shows 3 drawings of legs wearing pants with no explanation, as if you’re just supposed to copy them.

trying my best 2 be non biased and not aim any low blows at anyone in particular but just, like, objectively, i do not know how a human on this earth could listen to bad blood (which is very clearly about someone’s specific actions that caused hurt to another person and how that person felt about it) and then listen to swish swish (which attacks another person’s talent, career, looks, and general personality) and think that those songs are equally hateful or that the latter song could ever be described as ‘anti bullying’