Every three months of their lives, everyone randomly blurts out a sentence explaining what their future self is doing at that same time and day, except a year ahead. Your three months have passed, and you haven’t blurted anything out.

i still retain that the absolute worst part of secret life of pets was the moral, aka there really is none and its basically shown by the rabbits character arc. he’s introduced as a sort of…villainy antihero? he runs an underground rebellion of abandoned and mistreated animals against humans. he’s established as a villain because he thinks humans are bad and wants the main characters to join his cause, but they don’t want to because they know their humans are Good, so basically then they run away and the rabbit is out to get them.

fastforward to the end of the movie and we get a little girl wanting to keep the rabbit and this happens, turns out he’s good! he just needed to open up to humans 

partnered with the shots in the movie of fish in tiny bowls, birds in tiny cages, and a turtle in a deplorable enclosure, the movie frankly paints a picture that ‘the mean animals hated humans just because they didnt know any better’ and that people are good and it was just up to them to see it. yes thats a plot thats been done of a rehabilitated animal finding a good home,but no human was really at fault for anything in the movie. theres no lesson to be learned that people also need to take good care of their pets, every animal just needs to be hugged! i dont know, something about the presentation in this movie really rubbed me wrong way

this movie was made for people who just like to look at cute animals and frankly that demographic constantly overlaps with improper pet ownership and impulse buying..

wether someone “passes” as straight usually isn’t a very productive conversation since having a complex relationship to Home of phobia means you might not “pass” all of the time, and you might not even “pass” at all despite the Theory™ saying you should (m/f relationships and the like). what’s not so easy to deny is what avenues of *privation* you’re able to avoid or not and on what grounds. You can’t privilege theory or identity politics your way out of that question 🔍 Can you get married without legal hurdles to surmount. Can you adopt without legal hurdles to surmount. To what capacity can you actually engage in basic institutions in your material reality. That’s the question that matters … a #lifehack if you will