i’ve seen a lot of really messed up images in my time on the internet, weird fetish shit, even a few IRL gore images but nothing. NOTHING evokes such a deep seated, gut wrenching fear in me like this image of the fucking water slide from Action Park with the loop in it

tumbler next update leaked:

  • scroll up instead of down
  • reblog by yelling into the screen
  • ‘💔’ (delete account button) placed right next to the like button

“The album has taken a year and a half to write, whereas with One Direction we’d have six weeks” they literally had six weeks to write an album jfc…. like i knew that in general and how rushed their shit was and how overworked they were but…. damn.


Sunday (10/22) - 5 Years of Red

Tuesday (10/24) - 11 Years of Taylor Swift

Wednesday (10/25) - 7 Years of Speak Now

Friday (10/27) - 3 Years of 1989