You are an unexceptional superhero, D-class at best, except for your tendency to get along with evil clones, robot duplicates and alternate and future/past versions of yourself. The rest of the supers are starting to get worried about your growing army.

You are Odin: Its a normal day in Valhalla when an haggard looking angel runs into the mead hall saying heaven is being overrun by the forces of hell and they need help.

you guys realize that watering down “terf” to just mean “some meanie on the internet who does lgbt discourse” only helps actual terfs right? and hurts trans women? it’s really telling how performative your support is when you share both “reblog to make a terf angry” and “aerf rhetoric is terf rhetoric” posts. knock it off with that cis nonsense.

I’m so tired of tumblr thinking Nebraska produces wheat and kansas produces corn!! it’s the other way around!! Nebraska is corn and kansas is wheat! read a book

there’s a strange feeling of emptiness and peace right after a good cry, it may last a few seconds or just come and go often but I almost feel like everything is okay and I have detached myself from everything. was it really that important to cry over it?