Laci Green says in her new video that three feminists cornered her in a parking lot and said they were “going to kick [her] cis ass” for making a Chris Crocker fan video omg

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You having Joan and Talyn in some of your videos as nonbinary peeps and saying stuff like "guys gals and nonbinary pals" and just generally being so accepting made me brave enough to tell like 6 people I know I'm nonbinary and they ALL took it really well and I'm so happy so thank you!!!

Well that is awesome to hear!!! Definitely one cool thing i wanna make sure my platform can do is normalize all of that so it doesn’t feel like a big deal, because gender identity shouldn’t be a big deal, it’s just who we are! I am SO glad the people in your life are taking it well!! You deserve that recognition and positive support!!

This fucking…. cowboy advertisement is making me lose my fuckingn mind. I feel like this is a headline for a newspaper from 1834 in a small new mexico town

Permite que vean una fracción de tu alma, en su gran mayoría pierden la cordura después de haber encontrado oro.
—  Frank Leftwich

The thing about a bird that talks is realizing that they probably don’t actually “get” what the words they are saying mean. For instance, Mango may know how to say “no,” but if I tell her that word while she is in the process of doing A Thing She Should N O T, all she will do is look me in the eye, say “no” back to me and continue on her path of destruction.

I can’t talk about it because if I talk about it that means it matters. If it matters that means it’s real, and if it’s real that means it’s going to hurt.
—  I can’t talk about it.

Terfs don’t belong in feminist spaces, and they don’t belong in lesbian/bi spaces. Their voices should be ignored and shunned in both of these communities, and their opinions on any subject concerning these communities shouldn’t even be considered, simply because they hate, harass, and endanger members, members who have contributed a great deal more than they have, of both of these communities.


The Trump ‘fine tuned machine’ is a disaster. Trump is so ‘in over his head’, and Republicans are loving the attempted destruction of our institutions.

Truth is, we will overcome this. The institutions will incarcerate the Republican political cancer in our country.