The Signs as Joe Carroll quotes:
  • Aries:Celine Dion. Oh, good God.
  • Taurus:Oh, Spoiler Alert.
  • Gemini:Oh, I really cannot wait to kill these two.
  • Cancer:I suffer from a mono-maniacal need to kill, it will never go away, it will only intensify through time. And so I choose...to embrace it.
  • Leo:I will not be controlled. By anyone.
  • Virgo:Quoth the Raven, Nevermore.
  • Libra:She lasted much longer than I thought she would. She's quite the fighter.
  • Scorpio:And I would swap each and every one of them just to kill you...to feel my knife piercing into your flesh, one last time...how does that make you feel, doctor?
  • Sagittarius:My desire to kill is based on a psychopathic need to kill. I find a terrible beauty in it.
  • Capricorn:Death. Death does, it umm...it fuels me.
  • Aquarius:I have to be sane in order for the state to put me to death? How perverse.
  • Pisces:For nine long years, I have sat in my prison cell, outlining this entire story in my mind. I meticulously planned all of it. With a little help from my friends. That's a Beatles reference, by the way.