Homeland: Nicholas Brody [ISTP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / The Mod.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Brody is detached and analytical. He quickly sizes up situations and takes the most logical way out of them, even if it means having to snap someone’s neck to keep them quiet and avoid blowing his cover. He undertakes an observing role most of the time but all of his shared comments are logical and straightforward.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): He is opportunistic and in tune with his surroundings, able to notice subtle behavioral indications in his wife that reveal things about her and their relationship to him. Brody is very physical and hands on in whatever he happens to become involved in; his extended time away from his wife led him to lose interest in her, so he chose to engage in a risky relationship with Carrie. He is not at all risk-adverse, and is known to rifle through people’s desks and take big chances without much forethought for the potential consequences.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): His hunches are rarely wrong about what’s truly going on in a situation or between people. Brody had a sense of what he wants in life and strives for it. He plays his cards close to his chest and rarely lets anyone else in on his ideas before they are fully formed. He is capable of long term planning and thinking now and again.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Not much for conflict, Brody also struggles to avoid causing it. He is quite good at bonding with his children and getting them to smooth things over with their mom, but doesn’t know how to directly relate to his wife or comfort her. He is awkward in sharing his feelings, but will do so, and has a bit of a temper. Carrie hurts him when she calls off their affair. He hides a lot of the truth both to protect himself and avoid having people hate him.


This is the side of Pakistan that you don’t see on ‘Homeland’

According to the writers on “Homeland,” Pakistan is a country full of terrorists with wild beards, invisible women cloaked in burqas, urban squalor, and people who speak Urdu in a near unrecognizable accent. From the Pakistani perspective, it would be funny if it weren’t perpetuating the same old stereotypes.

I’m a British Pakistani journalist. I have being traveling to my motherland since I was a child. Over the past two years, I’ve mostly been living and working in Pakistan, reporting all over the country. While I write often about issues related to terrorism, violence and displacement, in the last few months I’ve been turning my attention to the other Pakistan, the one that’s rarely shown in Western media.

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This day in Homeland - April 30, 2014
“Both prone to rash decisions made with unshakable fervor, these two characters get each other in a way perhaps only dysfunctional twin siblings might. It’s how Carrie knew Quinn wouldn’t hurt her if she stepped into his eventual blast zone. For all Saul and Lockhart’s talk this season of how individual CIA lives are expendable when weighed against the greater good, that’s now how Quinn operates, and Carrie knows it.” –Price Peterson

What Is Homeland?

“The map is not the answer . And the birth certificate is no longer the same. No one has had to face this question as you have, from this moment till you die or repent, or become a traitor. To be content is not enough because contentment does not bring or change or blow anything up, and the waste land is immense. The desert is not always bigger than a prison cell. So what is a home land? It is not a question you can answer and then go on your way. Your cause and your life are one and before all this- and beyond it – it is your identity. It would be the simplest thing to say, my homeland is where I was born. But when you returned, you found nothing. What does that mean? It would be the simplest thing to say, my homeland is where I will die. But you can die anywhere, or on the border between two places. What does that mean? After a while the question will become harder…”

Journal of an Ordinary Grief

I have never seen a better intelligence officer. Killing Brody would kill her. So the only reason to kill Brody now is for you. To cover your ass. And the collateral damage would be to wreck a woman you’ve already wrecked once before. And I ain’t doing that.
                                                        “Anything for you, Carrie.”