Ginger Snaps (2000) Roleplay Starters
  • "This isn't right, I'm calling 911."
  • "Are you on drugs right now?"
  • "I thought you were going to die."
  • "Thank you for taking my total fucking nightmare so seriously!"
  • "What the fuck?! WHAT THE FUCK?!"
  • "What if I'm dying or something?"
  • "Together forever."
  • "Can you just say something please?"
  • "If you don't like your ideas, stop having them."
  • "Nothing quite takes the edge off like a little toke-"
  • "I'm officially all fucked up."
  • "You think you see werewolves a lot?"
  • "Oh you bitch!"
  • "Something's wrong."
  • "Bitten...on a full moon-?"
  • "So- it's all normal?"
  • "I want you to be okay."
  • "Well you always wanted to be me!"
  • "I just spent a week of my life looking for you."
  • "But what the fuck was it?"
  • "Swear you won't call a freakshow."
  • "Let's not panic here."
  • "Something is really really wrong with me, _____."
  • "He wants to get down your pants, stupid."
  • "I'll behave."
  • "Wicked, smoke us up."
  • "Uh-I uh, have to go."
  • "Get the fuck out."
  • "This is bullshit, okay."
  • "You can't do this alone."
  • "I think they're up to something."
  • "You're going to be in deep shit."
  • "Do you think I should talk to her?"
  • "I can't be like this."
  • "You give up now, and you leave me here alone. And I'd never do that to you."
  • "Let me out!"
  • "I don't know if you smoke it, or eat it or what, but I have to try it now."

Every Day is Halloween isn’t it?… For some of us.” 

(Creepy Girl Appreciation Part 2, Pt. 1: X, Pt 3: X, Pt: 4:X)


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