when the hyungs are having fun and the maknaes are too scared

video from shiori shiori (MADTOWN on 韓ON!)
translations from japanese by me

What’s My Line?: Part One, 2.09

Dude, I realized something. I don’t need validation anymore. How great is that? But what I do need is I need the company credit card so that I can buy myself a billboard, get myself out there, and show the entire world that Angelus the Scourge of Europe still has a rocking body that deserves to be worshiped.
—  Angelus, Innocence

Things I expect are going to happen for Buffy in SMTM 4:

1. He’ll join Verbal Jint and San.E group. I always think that Buffy’s rap style is more like Verbal Jint, sweet and deep.

2. He’ll reveal the truth about Madtown haters since pre-debut era. Honestly I don’t want him to talk about it first, because it’ll make a drama. But I have a feeling that somebody will diss about it. And there’ll be no way out; he has to talk about this. Then let the truth begins.

3. (of course) not get eliminated in first round.

4. He’ll get recognized more by his skills, not by his young age or by his cute face.

P.S. : Buffy looks really tired these days. This kid is working hard, always working on his music before he’s going to bed. I wonder if nowadays he prepares another mixtape or else, since other SMTM 4 contestants have released tracks as previews of their skills. It’s sad tho, seeing him like this and some fans still tried to play pranks on him. Buffy were really get traumatized by insects, so why do they keep showing him that. No wonder he’s in a bad mood in last fansigning event.

Besides, I think Madtown boys really need to rest. They look sooooo tired. But fans keep asking them to do this and that. Ugh please, baby. It’s not like they don’t have any plan about what they’re going to do in future. So please be patient. J.Tune Camp is not like SM Ent. who exploits their artist like machines.

So, let’s be mature. Don’t be such a pushover. Also, haters gonna hate, no matter what Madtown do. Don’t let yourself reacting too much towards this haters. You’ll end up helping them blowing up the issues, even when you act to protect them. This is a form of discourse. You’re just going to waste your energy.

  • Buffy:Life is short. Seize the moment.
  • Willow:*runs off with the first creepy guy she sees and almost gets killed*
  • Buffy:No that's not what I meant...
  • Buffy:You just have to show Oz that he comes first.
  • Willow:*literally just tries to have sex with Oz* I want you to be my first.
  • Buffy:No that's not what I meant
  • Buffy:Put the blame where it belongs.
  • Willow:*tries to cast a revenge curse on Oz and Veruca*
  • Buffy:No that's not what I