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About the exordium last night in mexico city

I’m posting the transformer part again :)
So here’s what happened:
So they were singing and dancing transformer as always ❤️ and at this part where they all walked to the front and dance, the audio cracked and we all (including them) were so confused but Suho (baby i love you you are the best leader) continued dancing and singing so the rest of the boys followed him WITHOUT MUSIC and all the fans were singing/screaming the lyrics so they would follow along. It didn’t last much because at the end they all laughed and were so happy we were trying to make the best of a bad situation but I swear that moment is when you realize you are in the right fandom.
That moment was the moment you see how amazing the fandom and EXO are, the love we have, the support and the care. It was just a mistake from the staff
Or whoever is in charge of the music, but they made a very magical moment.
At the end Suho said that the passion from Mexican fans (and also the international fans that were there) was so great that we crashed the audio xD and then he said we were lucky because we were going to see transformer two times (yes we were)
And we all know it’s a tough dance specially for Jongin and yet he danced it two times and he was soooo tired but he gave HIS BEST and we were all united screaming “Kim Jongin” supporting and giving him our love.
Maybe it’s not the same for other people that were there but for me it was one of the best moments of the concert because you could see that even in the hard times exo and exo-ls are united and there for each other.
It was amazing, it was the best concert ever. I’m so proud of them and proud of all the fans that were there. I’m sure that all who were there are going to agree with me and say it was one of the best concerts (if not the best) of the whole century. It was magical, perfect, amazing, out of this world, nothing can describe it.

2AM - part 8 (A Minseok Series)

Genre: Angst / perhaps a bit o’ fluff(??????)

Characters: Minseok X You

“Ahh,” you saw the pink in Kwangseok’s cheeks as he looked beyond you at Minseok, processing the words he heard as he came through the door before looking back into your face with a tiny grimace on his handsome face.

“Have I made a mistake? It’s just–” He rubbed his hand over his neck and looked at his feet. His shoes were left behind at the door out of habit, “–you told me last night to just come in.”

“I didn’t realize there would be company. I would have brought more coffee.” The smile on his face was tense. You saw clench of his jaw and heard the throat clearing from behind you where Minseok stood silent and motionless, probably thinking of some remark to fill in the building awkward silence that slowly settled over your head.

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  • jongdae: uh remember that affair i said i was having.....i actually chased after that raccoon u told me not to chase after
  • minseok: jongdae i swear
  • jongdae: good news or bad news first?
  • minseok: ...good news
  • jongdae: good news is we have a baby for the toys i bought that one time i thought we were having kids!
  • minseok: bad news?
  • jongdae: its a raccoon
EXO’s Reaction to Seeing Their S/O Holding Their Baby


A normally quiet guy himself, Xiumin wouldn’t want to disturb the peace.  He’d silently come up behind you and wrap his arms around you, looking down at your child with loving eyes.


Chen would be too giddy about the adorable scene before him, and would let out an “aww”. Luckily, it wasn’t loud enough to wake your baby, and he’d cover his mouth to stop himself from being too loud.


Baekhyun would hardly be able to contain himself as he saw you and your baby being so adorable together. He’d walk over to your side, smiling the whole time, before hugging you and resting his head on your shoulder.


Wanting to capture such a pure moment, Chanyeol would quickly grab his camera. He’d sneak up behind you, careful not to let his presence be known, and take the picture. He’d later surprise you with the framed photo.


Lay would be looking for you to help him with something, however when he saw the cute scene before him happy giggles burst from his mouth. You’d quickly shush him, not wanting to wake the baby, and he’d nod apologetically, still smiling. 


A soft smile would pull at D.O’s lips when he saw you holding your baby. He’d sit down, not wanting to ruin the scene with sound, and watch. It wasn’t until you finally stepped away that you realized he had been sitting there.


The king of cheese, Suho wouldn’t hesitate to join you, wrapping his arms around you and kissing your cheek. He’d stand there with you for hours if he could.


Like D.O, Kai would opt to silently observe rather than intrude on the perfect scene before him. He’d quietly snap a picture before just standing and watching, a soft smile on his face.


Sehun wouldn’t mind making his presence known, coming up to you and kissing your cheek. He’d make sure not to wake the baby though, quietly asking how she was doing while gently stroking her head.

Wicked Games (1)

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Inspired by Wicked Games - The Weeknd  

“So tell me you love me
(Only for tonight, only for the night)
Even though you don’t love me”

References to song lyrics will be written in bold.

Warnings: Angst, Smut, Swearing, Drug abuse.

Member: Sehun


It was like a drug, the way the music controlled your body’s movements. The way it forcefully entered your soul and became master of your mind, taking you on a high that no other drug could do. Dancing was always your passion since you could remember and you knew that you wanted to spend the rest of your life doing it.

But not like this.

Your life hadn’t turned out the way you had wanted it to. Losing your parents at a young age, you were thrown into an orphanage because you had no other family who wanted to look after you. After you reached 18 and it was time to look after yourself, this was the only thing. You struggled at school, but dancing helped. Your dream was to go to the most prestigious dancing school in the country, your life was centered around going there and you were confident that you would be able to make it there, but life was cruel and you couldn’t afford the fees. 

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EXO REACTS TO: Trying to undress them while making out.

Minseok, Junmyeon & Yixing

Anonymous said to hallyureactarios:
Can I request a reaction with Xiumin, Suho and Yixing where you start to undress them while making out?


He pushes you down against the bed, moaning as his hips collide with yours and bites at your lower lip. You gasp into the kiss, rolling your tongue with his, leaning up to get closer, the pressure of his body against yours filling you with need. He smirks as you whine his name, tangling your legs with his as you grab blindly at his chest, tugging at his shirt and pulling it off without a request of invitation. He straddles your hips, pinning your shoulders down and leans over you, stalking over you like a lion with it’s prey as he nips and bites his way up your navel, to the wiring of your bra.

“Such a needy lover… Did I say you could get me naked yet?” He ducks down, licking a long line between the valley of your breasts, to the lacing of the bra’s cup. “That’s alright, baby… I’ll just have to return the favour… “ He smirks, and grabs your hips, pressing his thumbs against the flesh before taking the material between his teeth.


It had started innocently enough, just two lovers spending a few slow moments together. Gentle caresses, the feel of his jawline against your fingertips, his own- winding around strands of your hair. You plant sweet tender kisses against his neck, giggling along as his low chuckle vibrates and tickles against your lips.

You’re not entirely sure when ‘a few moments’ became a heated make out session, so swept up in his voice, his taste, his tongue against yours that when the sounds of your whines and his groans fill the room they serve only to push the mood further. Soft breaths panting, cheeks flushed, temperature rising. Closer, closer… You climb onto his lap, threading your fingers through his dark locks and grip a little tighter that you perhaps ought to- he hisses and grunts against your lips, hips bucking against yours. More… You mewl into the kiss and start unbuttoning his shirt. A soft, deep noise sounds in his chest as he leans back, catching your gaze with dark eyes. You meet his intense gape with a little smirk, smugness consuming you at what an out of breath wreck he’s become. Eye contact is kept as you bring your fingers to his flies, biting your lip, a sultry tone in your voice.

“Do you want me to stop? He shakes his head, eyes half lidded, lips parted on a moan.

“Never…” A cheeky grin reaches your lips as you slowly unbutton him, but yank the zipper down with a snap of your wrist, gasping playfully against his lips at his own gasp of arousal. “Fuck… Good girl…” He smirks a little, pleased as you finger the waistband of his boxers, pulling you flush against him by your waist and into another deep kiss.


You always loved the sounds he’d make for you, the little tells that gave away exactly when he craved more of you. The little hums of satisfaction when you touched him just right, the gasp and trailing soft moan that’d escape him when you nibbled on his neck. He knew these sounds affected you, too. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t use this to his advantage, though what he hadn’t expected was the little whimper you’d made when he let his hands roam during the needy kiss; nor did he expect your reaction. You’d been lying in bed, kissing slowly, enjoying the lazy morning feeling when time got away with you, the kisses got more sensual, touches more craving that admiring. His fingers tucked under your sleep shirt, grazing your hips, brushing against your sensitive skin, making you whimper, wanting more, wanting to feel him. You grip at his shirt and tug, wanting it off when you hear his sound of alarm as he pulls back.

“You really don’t like this shirt, do you, baby?” You frown a little in confusion and look down, realising you’d popped three of the buttons off by trying to undress him. He covers his smug smile with the back of his hand and chuckles, rolling on his back. “Come finish the job? Gently?”

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