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The US women’s hockey team ends boycott over gender wage gap with new contract

  • With just days to spare, the United States women’s hockey team has struck a four-year deal with USA Hockey, bringing an end to their boycott of the Women’s World Championship, which begins on March 31.
  • According to Yahoo News, the team has been in talks with USA Hockey for 18 months, hoping to negotiate not just a higher wage but also “equitable support” with regards to “youth team development, equipment, travel expenses, hotel accommodations, meals, staffing, transportation, marketing and publicity." 
  • Earlier this month, team captain Megan Duggan argued that USA Hockey had treated women and girls in the league as an "afterthought,” all while shelling out some $3.5 million for boys’ programs. Read more. (3/29/2017 10:33 AM)

Yes, it is a BIG deal that the Smackdown Women’s Championship match is on the kick-off show at Mania, and for a number of reasons. One, not everyone is watching the kick-off show and most of the people in the audience are still coming in and finding their seats at that point. Two, if someone wants to go back at watch Wrestlemania 33 on the Network, the Smackdown Women’s Championship match won’t be on it. Putting a match on the kick-off show, they know not everyone is watching it. They’re putting a Women’s Championship match on the kick-off show knowing that not everyone in the live audience or the audience at home are going to be able to see it.

And that’s a shitty move on WWE’s part. On any other PPV maybe that would’ve been okay, but this is Wrestlemania, the BIGGEST show of the year. It’s also the first Wrestlemania since the draft, and WWE is playing blatant favoritism with the Raw women’s division. And this isn’t a shot at the Raw Women’s division, it just doesn’t make any sense to me why BOTH women’s championship matches can’t be on the main card, especially in the ‘Women’s Revolution’ era.

Sure, the kick-off show is meant to hype up the crowd but the women’s championship match isn’t meant to be a hype match. It’s meant to be a match that everyone is paying attention to. There a plenty of matches that are more suited for the kick-off. Hell, the musical guests are more suited for the kick-off show. Not the Smackdown Women’s Championship match. 

I’m gonna be mad about this for next 20 years.

so let me get this straight...

The Smackdown Tag team championship? Not defended. The smack down Women’s championship? Pre-cooked. The cruiserweight championship (which is basically a smackdown property because 205 live is filmed after smack down.) Precooked. Sami Zayn, Braun, Dolph and the battle royal? Precooked. Luke Harper? Not even on the show. The IC title match? Barely promoted. (i missed one week and that was the week the match was made official nothing this week with them nor two weeks ago)

The disrespect shown to smack down and the harder workers is hard to over look. smack down has 4 main card matches to Raw’s 6 and who else gets on the show? Pitbull and his friends for the pre-planned bathroom break and probably the Rock burying someone on the active roster.

You can do Better WWE.

So the Raw women’s championship is on the main show, but the SmackDown women’s championship was moved to the preshow? What the hell? Where is the fucking equality? I HATE THIS SHIT!! JUST LIKE AT ROYAL RUMBLE, RIGHT? IT’S A CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH, DUDE. IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE IMPORTANT.

The best thing about WNT boycotting

They aren’t just doing it for them.

Like, yes, they will be super stoked to finally get paid to do what they love, and that’s awesome. But they aren’t only asking for compensation for themselves.

They’re asking for youth and development team funding, they’re asking for advertising, they’re asking to grow the game.

They posted about it on social media so they can get attention, and what a lot of people in America love right now is women protesting for equality. But also, all this attention to Women’s Hockey, will probably work to increase revenue to Women’s Hockey. Campaigning for youth and development teams, campaigning for advertisement, will probably work to increase revenue to Women’s Hockey.

Listen, I don’t know what the real endgame is here besides getting pay for WNT, but I’m here for it.

USA Hockey is do or die

“It’s hard to believe that, in 2017, we still have to fight so hard for basic equitable support,“ said assistant captain Monique Lamoureux-Morando. "But when I think about the women who paved the way for our team – and when I see girls at rinks around the country who are dedicated to pursuing big dreams and look to us to lead by example – it’s well overdue for us to speak up about unfair treatment, even if it means sacrificing an opportunity to represent our country. We owe the next generation more than that. We owe it to ourselves to stand up for what is right.” - U.S. Women’s Hockey Team Will Not Play in World Championships, ESPNW