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Brad smut, you do it on the bus;

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“Are you sure about this?” You question quietly, knowing very well that the other boys are asleep in their own bunks. Brad nods quickly as he crawls on top of you. It’s a bit of a tight squeeze, but you’ll manage. “I’m sure. I need you right now,” he mumbles. You sigh softly. “But can’t you like … please yourself in the bathroom? What if we get caught?” You worry. Brad smirks. “I didn’t fly you out here for me to use my hand when I get frustrated,” he whispers. You smile and bit your lip, nodding. “Okay, let’s do it.” Brad smiles when he hears that and reaches into his pillow case, pulling out a condom wrapper. You stifle a laugh. “Well, aren’t you prepared,” you tease. “You never know when you might need one,” he replies, winking. He gently rubs his hard against you through your clothes, making you gasp suddenly. Brad grins and kisses your neck gently as he fumbles with his pj pants. You lift your lips off of the bed to slide your pjs and underwear off. Brad helps move the clothes aside before he awkwardly opens the condom wrapper. After finally pulling the condom on, he hovers over you and you open your legs for him. “Now you have to be very quiet, okay?” He says in a hushed tone. You nod quickly and bite down on your lower lip when he thrusts in. You resist the urge to moan, but Brad grunts softly. You smirk at him and press a single finger to your lips. He rolls his eyes and smiles, thrusting in and out. You let out a quiet sigh of pleasure. “Fuck,” he mumbles under his breath, barely audible. Brad’s mouth parts slightly, and you see by his expression that he’s about to moan. Quickly, you slap your hand over his mouth. He looks at you, startled, but nods slightly, clearly grateful you did that. You feel a vibration of expelled air against your palm and you know that was Brad’s way of holding back a moan. A few minutes later, you’re almost at your climax. “Brad,” you whisper. He grunts in response and quickens his thrusts, causing you to cum earlier than you anticipated. As your body is filled with an overwhelming pleasure, you do your best not to moan. You chew on your lip and squeeze your eyes shut, but it’s not use. A soft moan leaves your lips. Brad widens his eyes but says nothing. His lips part when he reaches his high, and he makes a strange noise from trying to hold back his moan. You sigh while he rides out your highs before pulling out. “Do you think anyone heard us?” He asks quietly and pulls the condom off, shoving it under his pillow for now. “I heard,” you hear Connor’s small voice say. You and Brad share a look, realizing Connor’s bunks is below yours. “Please don’t do that there again … my bunk shook the whole time,” he tells you in a slightly scared voice. You smile in sympathy. “Sorry, Con.” “Stupid horny people,” he mutters. Brad laughs awkwardly. “At least only Con heard,” he comments. “Oh I heard too, you two aren’t as quiet as you think you are,” James says from his bunk. “So did I. Nice, Brad!” Tristan adds. You groan and blush. “Dammit,” you grumble. Brad facepalms. “I’m never going to hear the end of this.”


Some doodlies from today stream with my gals @sara-wawa and @radjinja

Terribly sorry that I couldnt bid you guys farewell, the net got a lil crazy in the end. Thanks for coming to the stream everyone, it’s been FUN!! Hope to do this again soon :D