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Is it just me that thinks it’s highkey annoying when people find out their idols are enlisting, they’re like “why do they have to do this” “it’s not fair” “don’t make them enlist” blah blah bleh

1. Try understanding and educating yourself about Korea and their politics, and why they have the mandatory enlistment policies in the first place

2. Military service is a sign of honor in Korea. And idk about you, but honor is very very VERY serious and is not taken lightly specially in Asia

3. Just because they are celebrities and they’re your faves does not mean they should be exempt from service. You know what happens when celebrities get special privileges regarding military service? They get major disrespect from the people.

4. Currently, with the whole military policies changing and stuff, I see so many people complaining and saying it’s unfair, and a lot of them are from international fans. I’m an international fan, and who are we to judge and say whether it’s fair or unfair? We don’t live in Korea. We aren’t Korean. So just shh.

I see so many petitions and complaints and shit and I’m like:

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I love how the kpop “community” is so vocal about “white washing”,“cultural appropriation”,“koreaboos”,“colorism” and what not,but this same people don’t do shit about actual issues in this industry like sexualization of minors,sasaengs,the dehumanization of idols,you know the issues that are ACTUALLY hurting someone,is cute watching yall pretend to be so “woke” while you sit on your butt the whole day and do nothing to change things,yall write a tumblr post about “things that should stop” and think you’re revolutionary.

Things in Kpop That Need to Die
  • adding “eu” to the end of words (snakeu, speakeu, etc.)
  • “woozi is yoongi’s son”
  • “jUnkOoK oPPa”
  • claiming all girl groups are the same
  • “when someone says all the members look the same” *inserts picture of angry idol*
  • “when someone asks why you listen to kpop when you dont speak korean” *inserts picture of angry idol*
  • “when someone says anything remotely negative about kpop” *inserts picture of angry idol*
  • we get it, you’re 12.
  • Fan Wars!! What’s the point???????
  • leaking private pictures??? it’s gross???
  • only stanning 1 member of a group 
  • putting “jagiya” in non korean fan fiction
  • using korean words in every day life even though you don’t even remotely speak korean (ex: that’s not very daebak you pabo)
  • yes that is a real sentence someone has said to me
  • spamming idols posts with “daddy”
  • “im gonna move to korea i’m just so in love with the culture uwu”
  • “i wish i was reborn as a korean”
  • “im not interested in any boys at school because im so in love with my 12 korean exo oppars”
  • “im gonna audition for bighit because its my dream to make music”
  • no its not
  • you probably had no interest in music until you saw taehyungs face
  • your white koreaboo ass only wants to meet ur BTS oppars and nothing else
  • you probably dont even know what a fermata is dont come at me saying your dream is to make music when you’ve never put in effort to learn anything about music
  • “i only stan new groups”
  • “older groups have no talent”
  • calling girls group members sluts for wearing a short skirt and a bralette when y’all will faint over jackson ripping his shirt off on stage
  • calling someone racist for asking a korean how he learned english and then heading over to twitter to defend dreads and blackface on idols.
  • “kpop is my life”
  • “i cant wait until *insert underage idol* turns 18! omo im such a pedo noona”
  • stooooooooooooooooop
  • feel free to add more

sm workshops get fuckin lit man