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Through The Phone

Rated: M

Warning: Dirty talk galore, mentions of graphic smut, season 3 Game of Thrones spoilers.

Summary: The sexual frustration is real when Namjoon goes on a month long business trip, halfway across the world. So when the chips are down and the tides get rough, and you can’t actually get to one another… what do you do? You go to the next best thing of course - phone sex. 

Note: where did this come from and why tf did it get fluffy at the end thats not the way pwps are supposed to end i hate myself. btw the pacing is probably a little rushed because i wrote this between the hours of 2am and 5am :))

Words: 3.1k

You rolled over onto your back in bed, sighing dramatically as you pushed the covers off of your upper body, suddenly feeling too hot for them. The coldness of the bedroom was a contrast to your warm exposed skin, immediately arousing your nipples from the chilly sensation and giving you goosebumps all over. You turned your head to the side to look at the alarm clock that sat on your nightstand.

2:06 A.M.

This had been happening to you a lot lately, waking up in the middle of the night because of the intense dreams you’ve been having. Even in your sleep, you couldn’t escape the extreme desires you had that seemed to be getting harder to deal with more and more each and every day that passed without your fiance.

You shamefully pressed your thighs together, trying anything that would help ease the intense yearning sensation you felt between them.

The dream you had just experienced that involved your fiance had gotten you so worked up, that you could feel the evidence of your arousal leak out of your folds and drip down one of your ass cheeks onto the sheets beneath you. You felt your face heat up at the fact a simple dream about Namjoon had provoked your body so severely. But it was silly actually, because you were the only one in the room. The only one in the entire huge apartment, to be exact.

You were utterly alone, so why must you be so shy by the way your body was reacting?

With a sigh escaping your lips, you reached across for your phone that was on the complete opposite side of the bed at the very edge - a result of your restless sleeping, no doubt. And without a second thought, your fingers flew across the screen and soon your phone was calling your fiance.

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Another reason that solo Harry is a big deal is because this is what young Harry styles dreamt of when he auditioned for Xfactor. Indeed he got his time with the band and he was fully dedicated to it and no one can erase that, but this…him wanting to do this on his own is how he started to dream. Now he’s finally gonna live his dream of creating his own music and expressing himself the way he wants to, the way he always wanted to. Can you imagine how huge this would be for him? and the fact that he’s getting such a good response and buzz already is making me so …. emotional. Like our boy deserves it and he deserves all the appreciation and encouragement in the world. He’s starting a new chapter in his career and he’s gonna need all the love, support and enthusiasm from his fans, so remember to not leave a stone unturned in appreciating this boy you’ve been a fan of over the years because now’s the time to properly show how much we love him, when he’s going for this journey on his own, no haters are gonna get in the way ❤