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Challenge: draw in 2 friend's art styles then tag them & make them do the same

well i did 3 cus im a rebel and only have 3 friends

uhhh @caffeinateddecaf;s style is WILD omg shane i kno lineless is easier for u but like


@parenthesisgrey a fun happy winky boy??? im lov?? ur shading and stuff is super rad oh my godd

@mal-0 U BONCH OMGG how do u art like this i just ??? ur lines are so good th FUNK

youze should do this if ya want 


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PadSj8Dc4rc)

im not really disappointed but kinda dissatisfied by it i was using filmora i mean its pretty ok considering it was made with filmora
Im gonna keep it do in th future when i progress in my editing skills i can remake it.

btw if you were wondering why it was suddenly night time it was just to make it more creepier but it kinda flopped.

its finished and it pretty bad, but non-the less i hope you enjoyed it!

no offense but boys in like…. sunglasses………… boys who tie sweaters…… around their waists……. boys who just like…… lean on things……. put their hands in pockets………..  play with their hair……… stretch their arms behind their heads for whatever reason……. boys who somehow make normal behaviours ten times better like thru magic or some shit……… how the fuc

I know skins are all like non-in universe silliness, but please. Imagine Zenyatta’s ridiculous costume being his idea. He’s the 2nd youngest character + a goofball already. Just bear with me and imagine him planning this himself.(whether it’s bc he’s crazy about christmas or instead bc he aims to make fun of it is up 2 u)
He makes blueprints, but being a robot doesn’t mean hes a mechanic so its just pictures of himself with yet another rad beard, throwing chestnuts at people.
Genjis trying to be supportive. Like “I love ur drawing and all master but idk how actually feasible this would be-”

“Watch me, Genji.” Zen says in his monotone lil robot voice.

10 minutes later. He bursts into Torbs workroom w/out warning. “Mr. Lindholm, I would like u to make me look like a nutcracker doll. I have drawings for a new head. My turrets can be chestnuts. I believe it will be… totally ‘bad-ass’. What do u think.”

Torb turns around.
He’s already wearing a santa hat.

Will Genji survive this holdiay season? Tune in at 5 to find out