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Imagine Thorin getting smug when you are embarrassed to clean his wounds

Drabble for: anon

Original request: “Hey! I love your writing so much! I was wondring if you could do one Throinxreader for me? At the end of AUJ, the company leave to gather firewood, food etc. and the reader is left alone with Thorin to treat his wounds and she’s nervous and little embarassed to touch Thorin (not necessarily because she likes him, but because she doesn’t know him that well to be comfortable) and Thorin is being all smug (he knows he’s good looking) and teasing about it. I hope it’s not too descriptive and thanks!”

Pairing: Thorin x Reader

Word count: 769

“Y/N!” Thorin’s raspy voice called out as he lowered himself onto a fallen log. He grimaced and grunted as once of his wounds brushed against his arm, “You can heal, can you not? Please, my wounds need tending to,” he pleaded you. Looking around you, you noticed all the dwarves making their way into the woods behind you. Kili was cheering with Fili as they ran in, brandishing their bows and swords. Dwalin followed shortly behind them, eager to get his meal.

Other dwarves, like Ori, went to collect twigs and branches for a fire. None of the dwarves made a quiet job of it, instead they were rowdy. You silently willed them to be quiet, the orcs could be anywhere. You frantically looked around for Oin, hoping that he could do the job for you - he was a healer himself, after all. Noticing that he had gone, you sighed, defeated, and nodded at the dwarf king. Noticing your apprehension, he smirked and shrugged off his fur coat.

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Thorin ‘absolutely and undeniably besotted with his burglar’ Oakenshield