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EXO Reaction - You Singing ‘Save Me’ By Nicki Minaj After A Bad Argument While Crying

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Xiumin - *He’d think of ways how to handle this situation without making matters worse, as he’d sit by you and put his hand on your thigh and a small smile appeared on his face to reassure you that you two are okay* I love you, I love your singing, but not when you’re singing a song like that and crying, but, it’s beautiful, like you princess

Lay - *He’d slowly break down into tears, he opened the door after listening until it got too much for him, coming up and hugging you from behind, telling you he’s never gonna leave you alone and he loves you*

Kai - *He’d stop and look at you, with his heart breaking into a million pieces, holding the teddy bear and chocolates as he finally walks towards you, scaring you as he put the teddy on your lap, and putting the chocolates next to you. He’d slowly try to touch you as you’d flinch away before getting up and throwing yourself in his arms, as he wraps his arms around you, kissing your forehead and whispered that he was sorry into your ear* 

Suho - *Sensitive boyfriend would break just from hearing you singing the song, and the lyrics would worry him as he walks in to find you crying, he’d let his tears fall, as he slowly approaches you, he picks you off the floor to hug you tightly, he wasn’t going to ever walk out again, if he knew you’d get like this, and he couldn’t let you be this hurt again*

Kyungsoo - *He’d ignore everything else, and slowly walk in, and will try hold back tears as he walks up behind you, and puts a hand on your shoulder* Don’t give up princess, I’m so sorry. I love you

Tao - *He’d instantly stop you from singing by playing his hand over your mouth, with tears streaming down his face. He wouldn’t let you go, he needed so much reassurance that you were going to be okay now, and that you two are still okay as well, because he’d honestly be lost without you*

Chen - *He’s stubborn as hell when it comes to arguments, and will not let you go until you’ve both sorted it out, but this time as it was that bad, he had to walk out to calm down. When he came back, he realised his mistake as he heard you when he walked in. His heart fell to the bottom of his stomach, making him feel sick as he regrets walking out, and rushed to you, scared that you were going to do something stupid, pulling you into the biggest hug he could ever possibly give you, he would try make it for it as much as possible*

Kris - *You’d go to walk away from him as he walks into the living room, you tried hiding the fact you were crying, but he’d lightly grab your arm, pulling you close to him and he’ll put both arms around your waist* You’re not walking away from me, we’re sorting this out because you, my baby is upset, and I can’t have you upset because of me

Chanyeol - *He’d walk in and his smile would drop, as he mentally beats himself for making you like this, as he’d walk over to you and engulf you into his arms from behind, squeezing tighter. He’d kiss the top of your head as he’ll let you finish crying before talking about it with you*

Baekhyun - *The puppy would actually start to break as he could hear it in your voice that you were broken, and he’d run over to you and put a finger to your lips as he hugs you gently, running his fingers through your hair as he starts crying* Y/N, I can’t explain how sorry I am, but please, don’t give up, I’m sorry

Sehun - *Noticing the way you were actually made him realise that he can be really harsh at times, as he calls you from outside the door, letting himself in to turn you to face him, he takes your hand and kisses it* Baby girl, it’s okay, I’m sorry.

Luhan - *He’d drop the whole ‘manly’ act and trying to act like he’s the bigger person it’ll actually break him hearing this as well as you crying. He’d come in, crouch down before you, wipe your tears away and pull you into a hug, and will genuinely apologise*


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