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another TF2 animatic

//a little old but yes enjoy

Eating habits
  • Warning: 18+
  • Menma: *panting* Why are you such a pussy?!? You keep on hitting me below the belt?!?
  • Charasuke: *runs fingers through hair* Well, you know what they say.... You. Are. What. You. Eat. *sweats start to sparkle*
  • : :
  • Rtn!Sakura: What's with the cocky attitude?! You keep on saying Menma is yours but he-
  • Rtn!Hinata: Ever heard of you are what you eat? *activates byakugan* Pfft, pathetic. *blocks Sakura's chakra points*
  • : :
  • Bonus
  • Meanwhile in other universe..
  • Hinata: I feel so dirty.. *hyperventilates*
  • Sasuke: So do I... *inhales sharply*

You know what???

Moana 100% deserved to win an Oscar but not because Lin needs an Oscar. Lin has several Tonys, a Pulitzer, an Emmy, and a Grammy and I don’t know the full number count but it’s HIGH. He doesn’t NEED an Oscar. He doesn’t NEED a PEGOT.

He just DESERVED it because Moana had an astonishingly good soundtrack and that song was amazing. But he wasn’t ROBBED like La La Land’s song was BAD. And maybe it wasn’t better. But still. They can both be good.

Not sure where this is going but just find some chill