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Dereks Vows - Part 2

Stiles, i have always been a man of few
words, and you of so many,
so standing in front of you here today
all i can say is with this ring,
I give you my promise
that from this day forward
I will give you all my love,
and you shall not walk alone.
I have no greater gift to give.
As your love is my anchor,
and your trust is my strength,
May my heart be your shelter
and my arms be your home.
As this ring has no end or beginning,
so shall my love for you be.
As I place it on your finger,
I give you all that I am,
and all that I shall become.

As promised here are Derek’s vows to Stiles…..i live happy knowing they are now happily married.


Mostly made for my “mer-au” and just because I had an idea.
About the story I really have no idea when it’ll see a light of the day, cause I’m pretty busy right now :(

by the way, their are at society6 as well:


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Devour part 2

Yeah, I fail at writing, since THIS IS A DRAWING! Tell you what: leave me drabble prompts on my ask box. I don't promise to fill them all, but at least hopefully this will restart my writing mojo.

Rape, extreme underage, scat and anthro are a nono, but everything else, I’m as easy as Dean Winchester (though, as you can see by my art, I’d be more comfortable writing bottom!Derek).

This is the follow-up to this scene.

Wacon tablet on PS2. Several references used, including my own BF.


Sterek au: In which Stiles decides to go and deal with a rogue alpha werewolf when Derek is away, because Stiles is caring like that and wants to keep Derek’s stress levels down. Stiles does end up taking care of the alpha, but not before it manages to bite him. Derek is more than a little surprised when he gets back. 


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