m: star trek

When asked about his experience working with Harlan Ellison on Star Trek, Executive Story Consultant John D.F. Black had this to say:

“Dear little Harlan. I like him. Even when we were going through all of that. He always wanted to be on the set. Always. First he wanted an office on the lot. So we got him one — a little bitty office at the end of the hall and he had it all to himself. Then he installed his portable record player so he could listen to his jazz records as he was writing — or as he was supposedly writing.

"Harlan would be in there with this rock and roll playing very loud, with the casting people trying to have readings and saying ‘Turn it down, Harlan’ I couldn’t hear people in my office on the telephone and I’d tell him to 'Turn it down!’ At one point, I guess the second or third day that he was there, I walked down the hall, because the Stones were playing — loud. I knocked on the door and there wasn’t any answer. I opened the door and Harlan wasn’t there!”

ok so I met benedict cumberbatch this weekend and anyone who’s followed me for a while will know how much he means to me and how much I appreciate him so this was honestly the greatest day of my life. I cried for so long afterwards but I’m just so so happy that I finally got to meet him and say thank you for everything.