m: st reboot

Kirk: You’re a dad, right? I could seriously use some advice!

Sulu: Well, my daughter is about 30% less lethal so I’m not sure my advice would be useful to you.

Kirk: Yeah, I guess that’s– Wait. How is she only 30% less lethal??

Sulu: I’ve been teaching her fencing. And her Baachan is a judo instructor, so… *shrugs*

Which eventually leads to the daughters’ tea time:

it’s 2:12 am but i’ve been thinking about making one of those blogs like… you know there’s a klance café one, a klance college au one, the lance and keith do cool stuff one…. idk how you call them?

an ask blog where i draw things as replies. that kinda thing. for my sdm au. or my pool one, idk the legalities of the sdm one tbh. idk!!!! what do y'all think

Haven’t you heard what I did to Pike?

@maximumdarkwarps and I were talking about other edits I have done and they said mirror verse and I had this photo floating around waiting for something and… well, here we are.