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Stranger things 2 : Finn had to play a heartbroken boy, Noah have to play a sick possessed terrorised child, Caleb has to play a love story, Millie had to play hard scenes and screaming crying a lot , Gaten is more present and have more actions scene, Sadie has his first big role with a violent brother

Every f*ckin interviewer : BUuT MilLLIE How WaS THE KISS? ?!!!

Stranger Things Superpower AU
  • Dustin Henderson: Shapeshifting

Dustin can shapeshift into anyone or anything, so long as he’s seen them. He really enjoys flying as an eagle, or running as a cheetah, or messing with bullies disguised as an adult. As hard as he tried, however, he can’t turn into a mix of two animals like a pegasus or a mermaid.

  • Lucas Sinclair: Illusion

Not unlike a certain outlaw, Lucas can make anyone see anything he want. What makes him more powerful though, is not only he can make optical illusion, he can also make people hear, smell, taste, and even feel anything, including pain. additionally, he can also make people to not feel anything.

  • Max Mayfield: Teleportation

Max’s power is what can be called a late-bloomer. She doesn’t teleport for the first time until a few months after she moved to Hawkins. Mostly she used her powers to visit her dad in California or take Lucas into impromptu dates around the world. She keeps coming back to the boys though, because (and she’ll never admit it) they are the first ones who made her feel wanted.

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Billy Hargrove: Lady-Killer.

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Summary: the reader has anxiety, but it’s okay. Billy has her back.

Prompts: 25- “What the hell were you thinking?!?” 26- “Here, let me help you.” 82-“Just breath, okay?”

Song: Come on Eileen- Dexys Midnight Runners

Request: Lidi, who is an aNGEL GODDESS asked for this, and I absolutely love her. She’s a beautiful writer, go give her a check! @letmeletmetrashyourlove

Warning(s): cursing, depictions of panic attacks, sexual references, angst, fluff, reader is a Henderson

Word count: 1.2k

Author’s note: as someone with several anxiety disorders, i hope this is portrayed well. I hope you like it! PS THIS WAS REALLY GOOD AND THEN GOOGLE DECIDED TO DELETE LIKE 5 FUCKING PARAGRAPHS AND IM SO ANGRY.

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You had met the infamous Billy Hargrove the day he’d walked through Hawkins High. How could you not have? Your locker was directly next to his, not to mention the two classes you’d shared with him.

And honestly? You didn’t understand the fuss over him. The guys either hated him or loved him because of how much of a “lady-killer” he was (Jonathan had called him this, not you, and you nearly choked on the sandwich you were chowing on), and how he ‘dethroned’ Steve Harrington (a boy you’d come to know through your close friend Nancy. He’d never admit, but he was actually slightly upset). The girls either thought he was the hottest guy in town, or the biggest misogynist.

You? You were both. You couldn’t deny how handsome his denim clad everything was, but at the end of the day, it was tiring seeing different girls pushed up right next to and being pinned by his hips. But when he wasn’t being a complete and horny ken doll, he was genuinely nice to you. He’d ask how your day was the times he wasn’t all over a girl, and if Jonathan or Nancy had something to do at lunch, leaving you alone, he’d come sit next to you and you’d share some of your Doritos with him. If you expected him, he’d even gain his own bag at times.

Of course, this gained some negative attention of the girls Billy had been with.

Now it was the time of some girls party Nancy had asked you to go to with her, Jonathan, and Steve. And while you didn’t wanna go, and you’d told Nancy you really thought it was a really bad idea for you to go, here you were, on a stranger’s couch, with a cup of “pure fuel”. In the background, you could hear Billy screaming “Yeah! That’s how you do it, Hawkins!”

You’d chuckled and took a sip of whatever the hell was in the “pure fuel”.

You felt the couch dip beside you. It was Carol, the school’s prettiest girl and your daily harasser. You inhaled, shakily, taking another drink from your cup.

“What are you doing here, (Y/N)? Looking for a quick dick? Where are you friends?”

Her friends chuckled annoyingly at this, “oh, wait, you don’t have any.”

Your breathing quickened, hands getting clammy, eyes watered up. You didn’t notice Billy making his way to you before getting up to leave through the front door.

The cool autumnal air kissed your skin. It was cold, and you really should’ve brought a jacket, but it helped, even if your body told you it wasn’t.

As you walked down the street, aiming for your house, you heard a car rev. Thinking it was another passerby, you ignored it, until you heard it stop and someone open then close the door. You turned, only to be met with your locker neighbor.

What the hell were you thinking, (Y/N)?! It’s freezing!”

You stared at him not processing what was happening, “you okay? What happened?”

And that’s how Billy Hargrove made you cry without meaning to. You broke down, holding yourself tighter while hyperventilating. Billy made his way to you, took of his well-loved jacket, and put it around you, before hugging you, a hand on the top of your head, holding you to his chest, the other on the small of your back. This Billy, the one without the constant want of sex and substance, was sweet, soft, caring.

“It’s okay, doll, it’s okay. Just breathe, okay? Here, let me help you.

He guided you to his car, the instant relief of warm air hitting you. Your arms gripped his jacket as he buckled you in, kissing the top of your head.

He kissed the top of your head.

He did that.

But it wasn’t Billy Fuckboy Hargrove, again. He was simply letting you know that he’s got you. And the he cares for you. You looked at him, and smiled. He brought his hand to your cheek, rubbing it with his thumb, before going around and getting in his seat.

“Where to?”

You shrugged, not actually wanting to go back home. Your mom worried about you anyways, with your anxiety, Dustin’s constant disappearances, and Mews not showing up (you knew that rat was dead, but you couldn’t bring yourself to tell her). Billy shrugged jokingly, grinning at you, before driving back into town. You rested your head against the cool window, finally calming down.

The drive was to a cute, open-all-day diner. It’s mint green and baby pink theme hugged your eyes in a welcoming hold. You smiled.

“Wanna grab a coffee sometime?” Billy asked, half joking, half seriously.

You breathily chuckled, “are you asking me on a date while we’re in front of it?”

He gave a hearty laugh, “yeah, I guess I am, Henderson. So, what do you say, huh?”

You nodded, opening the door as Billy got out as well, and walked inside. You were greeted by an older lady, who was too tired for her own good, and sat down at a back booth.

After giving your order, you sat in silence, thinking about what to say, as Billy lit a cigarette. He offered it to you, which you kindly declined.

“I’m sorry about earlier, I just-”

Billy cut you off, “you don’t need to explain, doll. We’ve got our own shit to deal with.” he smirked his normal Billy-esque smirk and took your hand in his.

“Thank you.” you whispered.

“Nah, thank you.”

You frowned at him and he lightly smiled, before receiving his pecan pie and boyishly digging in.

The two of you stayed there for a while, chatting, asking silly question, and eventually opened up to one another. He talked some about his home life, which gave you some insight as to why he craved such obscenities, and you talked about your own home life, and how your brother is doing a little better with the school and his bullies.

He drove you home that night, and walks you to your doorstep.

“Thanks for the ride, Billy.” you looked down, smiling.

“Thanks for the date, (Y/N).” he plays. You look up, and he stares at you for a bit, smiling, before leaning down and kissing your cheek.

“I gotta head home, but I’ll see you at school.”


You watched him drive off, taking his time and actually doing the speed limit, before you walked in the house. You were greeted with Dustin and your mother, staring jumping back from the window next to the door and acting like they weren’t spying on you.

“You guys suck.” you laughed.

“You suck! You’re the one hanging out with Billy Hargrove! Letting him get all mushy-mushy with you!” Dustin joked with your mom.

“Mom, make him stop.” you whined jokingly, hugging the both of them.

Dustin started complaining, “Ewww, you smell like him! Hey is that his jacket? Gross!”

You only then realized you still had his jacket on. Well, now you’d have an excuse to talk to him first thing Monday morning.

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have this really shitty and bad written Max centered fic of her coming to terms with her sexuality.

It was supposed to be a Max coming out™ but it’s mostly just her accepting herself 

(also @gaywillbyers here it is. it’s very shitty im sorry)


words: 1275

For years Max had heard a lot of insults thrown her way, some words she didn’t even know, and some she didn’t thought were even supposed to be insults, but the one who stuck with her the most was the one she was trying so hard to ignore.

It was something Billy used to call her too, and it wasn’t the word what hurt her the most, it was the fact that deep down she knew all those people were right but she didn’t want them to be right, because then they would win, and she couldn’t let them win.

She tried to change it, to change what she felt and who she liked.

When she lived in California, she saw them, saw the people who were proud of who they were, the people who weren’t trying to hide who they loved, even if days later she would see them again, a bruise on their eye or sometimes she didn’t even saw them again.

She wanted to be brave like that, to not hide it- but she wasn’t brave enough for that, no- she was brave enough to fight a demon from another dimension, to drive a car even though she still couldn’t reach the breaks, brave enough to stand up to her brother. But still, not brave enough to acknowledge her love.

The first time Max realised who she liked, it was in first grade when a girl took her hand to lead her to the classroom, that girl was her only friend, and it made Max’s stomach feel like there were a thousand butterflies just messing around in there, pushing every part of her body until she was kinda shaking and her hand felt like it was on fire.

She didn’t talk to that girl again.

Max doesn’t really talk to girls unless it’s necessary, her only friends are boys, because boys don’t make her feel like she’s on top of the world, they don’t make her feel like she could just admire them forever, loving the shine of their eyes when they talk about something they love, or how their hair flows with the wind or how their pink lips looks so soft and she’s sure they taste like cherry

and boys didn’t make her want to learn to draw so she could capture every little detail of their faces, their hair and their eyes.

Because boys don’t make her heart race if they stand to close, and boys don’t leave her skin on fire when they touch her.

But she has to pretend; so she pretends. She acts like Dustin and Lucas’ attention makes her feel wanted, when it just makes her feel wrong, she acts like Lucas’ hand on hers makes her skin feel on fire, and she acts like Lucas’ lips on hers leave a burning sensation of love and happiness, when it’s just the burning sensation of knowing that it would never be a girl, that it can’t be a girl.

She gets to know Jane better, and Jane doesn’t know what that word means- in fact, Jane doesn’t know what a lot of words mean- and Max doesn’t tell her what it means, because there is no need to.

and when Jane grabs her hand and Max’s skin feels like it’s on fire and a thousand stars lightened up on it, she decides that maybe she should own that word, turn it into something beautiful -like the shine on Jane’s eyes when she discovers something new or the triumphant smile she gives Max when she does something right- instead of hurtful and offensive.

So she does that, she owns that word, she doesn’t respond to the boys and girls calling her that behind her back or even when they do it to her face, she smiles and doesn’t let them win.

t here are times where she doesn’t want to own that word, times like when Mike and Jane look at each other like they’re the only two people in the room, and it hurts, because she can’t love like that, and it hurts because Jane’s never going to look at her like that -and when she looks away and sees Will looking at Mike with the same longing look she has when watching Jane, she tries not to let a sigh of relief-

She breaks up with Lucas one cold evening after getting home from a visit to Jane-where she realised that maybe it was more than a crush what she felt for her- and she cries, not because of the break up (she knows they’re still going to be friends) but because she doesn’t have to pretend anymore, and yeah maybe she can’t really be with the person she wants, but it’s a step closer to the freedom she’s looking for.

It takes Max another three years to own that word, -three years of not hiding but not quite letting the whole world know. So on her 16th birthday, with all the party members gathered on her bedroom and lazily lying on the floor -and the bed in the case of Jane, because that’s something they do now, Jane is the only one of the party allowed to be on Max’s bed. It’s partly to annoy the boys and partly because Max enjoys the sweet scent of vanilla of Jane’s shampoo on her pillow, but it’s not like Jane knows that-

She sits and admires them for a moment, looks at each one of them and prays to whatever is above that this won’t change anything, that what she’s about to confess doesn’t change the way they think of her. Because Max is strong, but not strong enough for that.

“Guys, I need to tell you something” she sits upright, legs crossed and hands shaking “I’m a lesbian” she wants to believe that her voice didn’t tremble in the last word, and that her eyes aren’t glazing over with tears. But she knows she’s wrong when Jane leaves the bed to get to her side and put a warm hand on her shoulder that still makes her skin feel like it’s burning.

She closes her eyes and waits, waits for them to say something that will tear her apart, but the only hears a soft,

“Oh” it’s Will, she opens her eyes, and everyone is looking at her, probably not knowing what to say, but the next thing she knows is that Will is wrapping his arms around her and whispering a “I’m proud of you” on her ear.

And suddenly there is another pair of arms around her- Jane

“I’m glad you told us” she says in that sweet soft voice of her, that voice that makes Max let the tears roll down her cheeks and her lips curl up in a wary smile.

When they let go of her, Dustin is the next one to hug her and tell her that it’s okay, that they’re still friends no matter what-because somehow Dustin is always able to see through her, through everyone and their insecurities-

Mike doesn’t hug her, they’ve always been kind of low on the touchy stuff, but he stills smiles at her and tells her that he’s proud of her for being brave and telling them.

“That makes sense” Lucas said, moving closer to her and wrapping an arm around her shoulders, a little smile on his face.

For years Max had heard that word been thrown at her, and for years she tried to change it, to make it her  word, but it never felt quite hers until she said it out loud to the most important people in her life.

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4 with lumax maybe?? if you could???

4. “Who gave you that black eye?”

Lucas doesn’t want to go to the arcade today, but he promised Max. She’d been looking forward to their one-on-one Dig-Dug match all week, and he’s not going to disappoint her. So, while he still bikes to the Palace Arcade Saturday morning, he keeps his head low, hands gripping the handlebars tightly.

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