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SPN’s oldest joke

JIBcon 8, J2 panel:

[a fan asks about what was going through Sam and Dean’s minds when they left the other dimension in 12x23 leaving Cas behind]

Jared: I feel like that… it was a really difficult sequence to shoot because it was short of discombobulated… we’re going between like our natural world and our… uhm…

Jensen: …supernatural world?

We’re proud, Nesnej

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Dean brings a new woman home, but doesn’t see how she treats the reader. She leaves the bunker so that she doens’t have deal with Deans new woman, but when Dean discovers what’s been going on he starts to look for the reader but has a difficult time finding her

Dean and Reader, Sam, Castiel, OFC Lena

Warnings: Panic attack, emotional distress, depression, angst, fluff

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              I didn’t know what Dean saw in his newest fling but she knew how to ruin everything she touched. Dean and I had a great friendship but when she came into the picture he stopped everything he did with you. Sam tried to help me but it just wasn’t worth it, things went downhill from there. I decided since it was a beautiful spring day, I wanted to go for a run. I wasn’t skinny by any means, I had some curves and I was proud of them.

              I had my outfit on, and my playlist ready to go. The boys were in the kitchen and Lena was in the library reading the paper so I tried to sneak past her. I was almost to the staircase when I heard her laugh “Wow! You really are that stupid to think you can lose weight” I just shook my head and started up the stairs. “You should know that Dean is going to kick you out later, you don’t belong here anymore” I just left and went for my run, getting rid of the tears while I could.

              Once I had come back, I noticed everyone was gone so that gave me the chance to get my stuff and get out. I quickly packed up my duffle bags and packed my car, I didn’t need to be here for Dean to kick me out. I quickly got into my car and started out of the garage. I was pulling onto the road when the Impala was pulling in. I sped up hoping I could lose them, I didn’t want to see them, I couldn’t.

              Once it was dark, I got a hotel for the night. I had turned off my phone so that I wouldn’t be bombarded with messages from any of them. Once I had my shower and was dressed I turned on my phone and noticed all the calls and texts. I played the voicemails first and heard her voice, “I’m glad you left fat ass, now the food will last longer! Don’t come back!” After that I didn’t care about anything at all.

              I grabbed my Jack Daniels out of my bag, I turned my phone back off and just drank the entire bottle not caring about what it would do to me. Both boys knew about my depression and anxiety, they often helped me get through it. Hunting was my purpose, it helped me know that I was making some difference in the world. It hadn’t been a day yet and I missed them terribly, but this was better for them. They won’t have to worry about me anymore.

              I never turned my phone back on, I started hunting on my own again. I did get a new phone and a new number making sure the boys wouldn’t track me. I had just finished a terrible hunt, everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I was on the verge of a panic attack when I had gotten back to my room, I had gotten out of my car when it had hit. I collapsed to my knees sobbing and crying trying to breathe but it was no use.

              I somehow found the strength to get up and get into my room, I knew Cas had kept tabs on me. He was the reason I had met the Winchesters to begin with. He also knew that I needed to figure things out on my own. He would visit from time to time, checking up and healing me if the injury was too bad. I collapsed into bed not caring that I was covered in goo, I just wanted to sleep right now.

              I had woken up feeling worse than when I went to bed, I jumped into the shower and packed up to head to another hunt. I was sure it was a haunting, but I decided to do the interviews anyway just to make sure. I had my fed suit on, ready to see what the county cops knew about it. I had though completely missed Baby parked on the other side of the parking lot. I walked in and automatically knew they were there and got out as fast as I could without suspicion.

              I made it back to my room, and had changed into my jeans and tank top. I did the research I could and decided what had to be done. Everything was ready to go, all I had to do was wait for night to come. I had heard baby come and park, then I could hear Sam and Dean through the walls. Of course, their room was right next to yours. I could hear their frustration and their questions if it was me that had booked it out of there. Then I heard how much I was missed, but I couldn’t go back now. I left a little earlier, making sure they didn’t know it was me.

              I pulled up to the boarded-up building, I groaned at the fact it was a four-story mansion and that I had to be on the top floor. I grabbed my supplies and got to work, this place was a wreck. I deserve a vacation after this. I had made it to the fourth floor, looking for the doll that had the spirits hair on it. It was a little girl who had been murdered by a family member, I would be angry too but she needed to be put to rest.  

              Once I had successfully found the doll, she showed up and flung me across the room. I did have the sense to keep the doll in my hand. I finally got it lit but not before throwing me out of the window, falling four stories and crashing like an egg on cement to the ground. I screamed in pain and just hoped I could die quickly. I just laid there and replayed my favorite memories in my head, the first time I had made pie for Dean and it had come out perfect. Sam taking me on my first run, helping me expel some energy from the harder hunts.

              I looked up from where I had been thrown, only to see my boys looking out at me. I’m getting my last wish after all. Sam had reached me first, he dropped to his knees trying to figure out how to handle the situation. “It’s ok Sammy, as long as you’re here that’s all that matters” Dean had then joined us and you could feel the tension. “Just say goodbye guys, ok? I’m not getting out of this alive” I started wheezing and coughing up blood.

              Dean had made up his mind and just picked me up, carrying me to the car. Sam had gotten the keys and I was fighting the urge to scream in pain from being moved. Dean had gotten in back with me and Sam had raced back to our room so Cas could heal me. Before Dean could get me out of the car I had passed out because of the pain.

Dean POV

              Seeing her in this condition just made me angrier at Lena, when she told what she had done I blew up at her. I grabbed a beer and came back to hear her leaving y/n a nasty message, and that was it. I kicked her out and had Cas erase her memory of everything that happened with us. Then it was having to find her and get her to come back home.

              It had been about a year that we had scouring everywhere for her but never found any leads to find her location. So, we hunted, and while we hunted we made sure to keep an eye out for her if she did turn up. This case was our miracle, but she had disappeared before we could catch up. Now though, I had to pray that Cas would get there in time.

              Y/n was my light, whenever it was a bad hunt or we lost an innocent she was there picking up the pieces. It wasn’t a surprise that I had fallen for her but all I saw was her and Sam. So, when I met Lena I just let it happen. I noticed the way she treated y/n but I thought it would stop, but instead y/n left and Lena got what she had coming to her.

Reader POV

              I felt something soft underneath me, then feeling warmth go through my whole body. I knew it was his grace healing all the damage that had been done. I then fell into a restful sleep and waited for my body to heal and recover from the damage.

              My eyes started to crack open and noticed we were no longer in the hotel room but in my room at the bunker. I tried moving but it came with a lot of pain and stiffness, and the tears started filling my eyes. I didn’t want to be here, I couldn’t face her again. I went into another panic attack, and heard Cas fly in, coming over to comfort me. “I can’t be here Cas! I can’t be around her! Please??”

              He kissed my forehead and said he would be right back, then I felt another pair of arms wrap around me and I knew whose they were. “No! Dean I can’t please?” I tried to escape his arms but I was too weak from the panic attack to get out of his arms. I was crying so hard that I wasn’t getting any air, I felt two fingers touch my forehead knocking me out instantly.


              I stood from the door way watching her have a complete breakdown, I had no idea how much Lena had destroyed her. I looked at Dean and saw him crumbling at knowing that he had caused this, I knew they had feelings for each other but never pushed. I walked over and helped him up, “Come on, let her get some rest”

              Once we reached the kitchen, I grabbed us a couple of beers and brought them over. “Dean you can’t blame yourself man, it was Lena not you” “It might as well have been! If I would have just told her how I felt she wouldn’t be having a nervous breakdown” “I understand that but she needs us right now, you more than me. So, you’re going to go in there and tell her everything even how you feel about her” He let out a long sigh and nodded. I was glad I could get into his head tonight.

Reader POV

              Cas had woken me up again, telling me that Lena was no longer a problem. I was still a wreck; her words still went through your head reminding you how broken you really were. Cas just kissed me on the head and headed out the door, hitting Dean on the shoulder. “I’m sorry about Lena, I didn’t mean to break up your relationship” He sighed and shook his head, he walked over and sat right in front of me grasping my chin and looked straight into my eyes. “You have nothing to be sorry for, when I heard the message she had left I kicked her out and had Cas wipe her memory”

              “Y/n, I love you! I’m sorry I didn’t grow a pair to tell you! I’m sorry you almost died because you felt like you didn’t belong here” “I love you Dean! I couldn’t understand why you chose her” “Because I didn’t want to assume I had a chance” “You always had a chance” He slowly leaned in hovering his lips over mine. I took the last step and kissed him sweetly, kissing him felt like two puzzle pieces joining together.

              He pulled me into his arms pulling me into a cocoon of warmth and safety. “When you’re feeling better, would like to go out with me?” “I would love to” He kissed me again when suddenly my stomach rumbled. “I take it you’re hungry” “I’m very hungry” He picked me up and carried me to the kitchen. “I was thinking burgers, sound good?” “Oh, my Chuck yes!” He set me down on one of the kitchen chairs and pulled out the ingredients.

              He turned on the radio to a rock station, music filling the room with the smells of Dean’s burgers. “Hey, something smells, really good” “Making dinner Sammy” “Hey Y/n” I waved and winked, and he got the message. He sat down next to me, “He finally grew a pair?” I giggled at his words “Yeah he did, then he kissed me” “Finally!”