m: spn cast

Rowena to Crowley

dating chuck shurley would include...

  • revising and editing all of his writing
  • going to conventions with him
  • him teaching you how to play guitar
  • you always waking up before him
  • making him breakfast and coffee
  • spending days together just cleaning up his house
  • long, passionate, make-out sessions
  • taking showers together
  • constant coffee runs
  • sweet, gentle sex…
  • but also, heard, rough sex…
  • (it’s literally one or the other with you two)
  • the beard… oh good lord the beard…
  • chuck always staring at you when you’re not looking
  • finding some way to stay in contact with you when he’s not around you
  • just a lot of cute, lovey-dovey shit
  • it’s cute. it’s all cute and hot