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a god amongst men has returned

Border collies are such frggn nerds tbh. It’s like they see you and they want to be friends and act like normal dogs so bad but no matter how hard they try, they just can’t stop being Border Collies™

To learn your face and (the depths of your soul)

Summary: Nasir knows and Agron comes to learn.  Agron and Nasir’s first time, taking place after the makeout scene in Vengence 2.08.  Pretty porny; NC-17. 3.5k+

Agron has waited.  He has been patient - a task better suited to Nasir.  He has only barely tempered his burning desire to be with the smaller man, to let the looks smolder no longer but to crush their mouths and cocks and noses and chests together until their souls can’t help but follow suit.

Agron even rationalizes that his control snapping tonight isn’t really his fault.  He had been sent to guard Illythia shortly after their evening mean, and Nasir had followed, offering polite conversation to temper the stony silence Illythia would provide.  Nasir had mentioned something about the fact that if he was well enough to fight, he was well enough for many other physical feats, with what anyone else would have considered only the shortest of glances at Agron.  Not long ago at all, Agron was not a man for shrugs and glances in favor of direct words and conflicts solved with his fists, but as Nasir was a man of subtleties in courting, Agron could feel his body beginning to respond to looks made from under eyelashes and crafted his language with bold promises and touches of innuendo alike.  And if reason for his actions existed, he would have cited this as it for why he pounces on Nasir, pressing him against the unforgiving stone wall with harsh, sloppy kisses. 

Agron kisses Nasir as if he has never kissed before – too eager, too much tongue, as inexperienced as a boy – but it matters not for Nasir kisses him back.

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fucking hell


sorry for video spam, but he just looks so happy singing. i think my heart melted.