m: sophia

My Sides!

Skylar (heart/morality) - Is literally the mom friend. Checks in on friends to see if they’ve eaten, gotten homework done, etc. Is literally so emotional?? Loves seeing their friends achieve, especially if it’s something their friends worked really hard on. Likes folk and rock bands like Fleet Foxes and Band of Horses. Super punny.

Asteria (creativity) - Ideas constantly popping into her head, but she often forgets one as another pops up. Doodles on literally every handout or paper in class. Loves singing, like, a lot. Loves Kinky Boots. Enjoys reading fantasy books, like Harry Potter, Magisterium, etc. Creates vivid daydreams and dreams (which can occasionally be corrupted by Willow by accident). Loves bands like Grouplove and Mates of State.

Sophia (logic) - Won’t finish something until she deems it perfect, or until someone rips her away from it. Fixes paintings, pictures, mirrors, etc on walls literally anywhere cause “it’s so uneven!!”. Once used a ruler to divide a page for a project into fourths so that everything had it’s own space (took up all the class time on that). Helps Willow calm down by telling her reasonable answers to Willow’s “what if” questions. Loves Rick Riordan books (”they’re really accurate”) and then looking up more information on the mythology (now knows way too many Greek and Roman gods). Likes Daft Punk.

Willow (anxiety) - Can get out of control with worry, and often has panic attacks due to homework, deadlines, excessive loud noises, and other things. When Asteria gets writer’s block, Willow freaks the flip out (”what if we don’t finish it, what if we get a bad grade??”). Loves singing almost as much as Asteria, but hates singing in front of people. Really loves Panic! At The Disco (all songs memorized, even ones people don’t know, like Stall Me, Oh Glory!, and C’mon).