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These are the emails of the 5 people on the FCC roster. These are the five people deciding the future of the internet.

The two women have come out as No votes. We need only to convince ONE of the other members to flip to a No vote to save Net Neutrality. Blow up their inboxes!

Ajit Pai - Ajit.Pai@fcc.gov

Mignon Clyburn - Mignon.Clyburn@fcc.gov

Michael O'Rielly - Mike.O'Rielly@fcc.gov

Brendan Carr - Brendan.Carr@fcc.gov

Jessica Rosenworcel - Jessica.Rosenworcel@fcc.gov

Spread this comment around! We need to go straight to the source. Be civil, be concise, and make sure they understand that what they’re about to do is wholly undemocratic.


Imagine Your OTP

Person A: *stares at chicken*

Person B:

Person A: *double takes between Person B and chicken*

Person B:

Person A: *picks up chicken like Simba*

Chicken: *stares intently*

Person A: *stares in awe*

Chicken: *unleashes the fiery fury of hell*

Person A: *s h r i e k s and starts running with chicken in hands*

Innocent Bystander: What—?

Person B: *turns to bystander*

Innocent Bystander: ????????!??!?!?!!!??

Person B: It’s cock o’clock

Person A: *comes running back and YEETS the chicken for a mile*

V x Hell My Thoughts on it.

I was a bit scared at first because the idea of Hell being tied down to someone made me a bit worried. Hell is this rouge character and is a free and somewhat kind spirited character (when he wants to be), but after the rp me and vzearia  had i got super invested into the idea of Hell having someone to hang onto, that sliver of sanity that keeps him alive.

Making UnderHell Sans is a hard job and i would go as far to say he is probably one of my most realistic characters i have ever made, just because of the fact that his feelings matter and that it takes a pretty wide toll on him. So the ship between Hell and V i hold close to my heart, i hold it close to my heart because Hell and V are some of the most Realistic Characters i have seen.

So yes

I Ship this ^v^

art by vzearia 

Hell is owned by me

V is owned by vzearia

OTP Prompt 103

It’s Thanksgiving and (while both A and B acknowledge that it’s a horrible holiday,) they enjoy making food and seeing their nieces and nephews.

Person A is working on the turkey when Person B’s sibling and their family arrive. Into B’s arms jumps the baby of the family, who’s turning 6 in two months.

“Oh my goodness!! You’ve grown a whole foot since I’ve last seen you!” Says person B.

“What??? Our little [kids name] has three feet now??? That can’t be!!” Calls out Person A, (with carrots on their teeth like a vampire), as they rush in to scoop up the little tyke and attack them with tickles.

Person B– and their family – all fall a bit more in love with A, every time they get together.


Lost battleship Utah at pearl Harbor. The ship Participated in numerous exercises, was a leader of combat units. In 1918 he worked with the British Grand Fleet during the First world war. The battleship launched from the Navy on 1 July 1931 and used as a training. 7 Dec 1941 during the attack on pearl Harbor, the battleship Utah was sunk by Japanese aircraft torpedoes.