m: ship

Voltron/ 21 Chump Street au
  • Shiro: now what drew you to Keith initially?
  • Lance: Man, I knew he dropped outta class!
  • Shiro: ...
  • Lance: He was a light skinnded, Galra Texan and Korean, black hair, mature in the body like, woah!
  • Hunk, Pidge, and Coran (not knowing what's going on but excited about a music number): like, wOAH!
  • Keith: *looks into camera like he's on "the office"*
  • Jimin: Tae do you think I'm ugly?
  • Tae: NO!! of course not!! never!!! You are perfect and beautiful!!'
  • Jimin: wait what did I say?
  • Tae: 'do you think I'm ugly?'
  • Jimin: Yes :D