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YoonKook or Jikook - anon

Let me continue praising you more. Humorous. Cool-headed judgement. Charisma. Min Suga is the man who has them all. I want him - Jungkook (bday video for Suga)


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[au]  - this scene doesn’t actually exist, I (bugheadkiss) made it.

Jughead is a typical fuckboy (IN THIS AU NOT IRL) and he approaches Betty in Pop’s, steals and eats her cherry and says the following line 🙊

Me: Where is my fan fiction for this? I’ll like one now please. 

“Just Look At Me, Round Face.”

As promised… Kacchako (Katsuki x Ochako) fanart for everyone :)


If you guys were wondering..

I always had this in the back of my mind that maybe Kacchan is actually this suave dude when it comes to love stuff, like the kind of person who will straight out admit it when he finally finds out about his own feelings, ..because he knows what he wants and he’s not afraid to show or fight for it. I really think he goes with ‘actions ARE effort’ kind of saying. (But ofc i love Kacchan being jelly and all that)

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Imagine Adrien finally recognizing that he has had a crush on Marinette for the longest fucking time, and when she asks him out the next day he says yes because, “omg!!! This amazing girl just asked me out and she’s so cute how could I say no?!” So on patrol the night of their date LB asks him about why he hasn’t flirted with her, like that’s really unusual wtf?? And he responds with a “Well actually this really cute girl asked me out and we’re going out tonight!” And ladybug is like “oh! Who’s the lucky girl?” “Her name’s Marinette!” And he just goes on a tangent about how great she is, and is interrupted mid-sentence, “A-Adrien?!” And he’s just all, “fuck how did she know? Shit this is bad.” And he asks her, and she waves him off, and says, “I’ll see you at eight!” Before jumping off. And then he’s like; “wait when did we- FUCK LB IS MARINETTE” and he’s just left blushing and confused.

Let’s just say the date went well after that.

Jeffmads Headcanons

-James has asthma
-Whenever he coughs Jefferson goes in full out panic
-James is really fine but appreciates it
-You can only imagine Thomas when James really gets sick
-In conclusion Thomas is a really protective boyfriend
-At the beach, Thomas goes in the water but James stays on the sand under an umbrella
-Thomas wears rainbow swim shorts
-James thinks they’re embarrassing it loves them
-Thomas tries to get Madison to go in the water but he refuses. He prefers to watch his boyfriend have fun
-James plays with Jefferson’s hair
-He puts it in pigtails
-Jefferson acts like he hates it but loves it
-Thomas thinks he looks good in pigtails
-He thinks he looks good in anything
-Massive Fourth of July parties
-Jefferson buys fireworks
-Madison hates them but it makes Thomas happy
-Thomas got drink once and started singing One Direction
-Madison recorded it, naturally
-Lots of cuddles
-Much Fluff
-One Friday each month, double date with Laf and Hercules
-Madison loves Dank Memes
-Thomas doesn’t get them
-‘Hello Darkness My Old Friend’ karaoke nights
-Madison is ticklish as hell
-Jefferson abuses this power
-FRIENDS marathons
-Madison holds Steven Universe marathons
-Thomas thinks it’s weird but loves it
-Madison got Jefferson a rubber duck for their anniversary, not knowing what to get him
-Jefferson loves this duck
All I can think of atm bye