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testing you || sebastian stan

Summary: Being friends with benefits don’t always work out the way you planned. It usually ends up with complications and feelings.
Angst, language, implications of sex.
A/N: This is dedicated to my bestest friend @babylevines because she’s the greatest person I’ve ever met and she practically handed me this idea after we talked about angry!seb for 10 hours straight. Love your stupid ass. Also, hope you enjoy! x

Steam was coming from the mug, drifting up into the air and vanishing right before you. You folded your arm over the other on top of the table, letting your eyes do a sweep of the coffee shop. It was fairly quiet, the clock ticking close to 10a.m. in the morning and the hissing sounds from the coffee machines almost lulled you into sleep. It had been a long night and you were thankful that the shop wasn’t bustling with people.

The jingling bell as someone swung the door open pulled you out of your thoughts and you looked up just in time to see Sebastian walking towards you, sunglasses perched on his perfectly sculpted nose and a cap pulled over his head, hiding himself from the world as he traipsed right over. You gave him a small smile and he reciprocated it immediately as he bent forward, pressing a chaste kiss to your cheek in greeting before sliding himself into the booth; Right in front of you.

“Hey you.” You greeted him softly, watching as he glanced out the window before taking his cap off. His hair fell forward in wet wisps and it wasn’t hard to tell that he’d had a shower just minutes before arriving.

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Panic Cord (Chap.5)

Panic Cord - Reader is a blind person living in New York, when one day she’s saved by a mysterious man with a metal arm who shows her that seeing isn’t always believing. (Catch up on previous chapters here.)

A/N: So this is one of many updates I’m going to be doing before the year ends! I’m trying to update everything before New Years, so this is just one of many you’ll see from now on! This one is major feels, y’all. Things between you and Bucky get hella personal. :’)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Blind!Reader

Warnings: Fluffiest thing I’ve ever wrote. Mentions of deceased family. (If you’re uncomfy with any of these, keep scrolling.)

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Our!Ciel wasn’t particularly fond of the dog, Sebastian. He was a bit afraid of him the way the dog barked at him and prodded him with his nose. He didn’t fully trust the dog or feel comfortable around him.

When he was all alone and looking for his brother and family, however, he seemed relieved to find the dog. He took off the muzzle. He says that he’s not afraid now that Sebastian’s there.

That seems like a big change quickly, but I wonder if there’s more to it. It wasn’t that our!Ciel was completely comfortable with Sebastian. In fact, when the dog begins to pull at his clothes, it’s clear that our!Ciel doesn’t fully trust the dog yet.

Of course, it becomes clear later on that our!Ciel can trust the dog as this Sebastian is only trying to protect him, but the point remains that our!Ciel freed the dog before he knew he could trust him. Simply put, he would rather have something by his side that he didn’t fully trust or wasn’t able to control to protect him against the unknown and help him to search for his brother than to be all alone.

That seems similar to his relationship with Sebastian the demon.

Our!Ciel has flat out said that he can’t trust Sebastian. He said that he trusted him the least of all, but similar to this scene, he feels that he needs something more powerful by his side. Even if this ally (be it dog or demon) might turn on him, he’d rather have something there to protect and help him than do this all alone.

The big difference here is that the dog did prove to be faithful. He was trying to save our!Ciel, and he died.

I doubt the same can ever be said of the demon. Only time will tell.