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Forever in our Hearts ~ Part V

Aaaaaand I am back with part V of my little Flashback Story of my little, cute, favorite Character: Sabakuno Gaara.
Some might think I am wrong with the stuff I am writing here. But I’d rather be a full-blooded Naruto fan than a junkie who gets drunk and goes to discos. My parents should be proud of me! XD
Yes, I could really talk about Gaara for hours, as stupid as it sounds. Here in my environment, there is no one with whom I can talk about Naruto.
Nobody at work, nobody in school, no one in friends, no one in the family. Nobody knows / likes Naruto ;-;

Then I had some cases here on the Internet, who have offended me and attacked me with the argument: “Gaara is mine!”
Gaara is an animated character figure that does not exist. I really wonder how people, REAL persons can hate and insult others because of him. Sure, I love, deified this guy but I still know the difference between real life and anime.
Gaara belongs to nobody. 
And also when I write sometimes: My husband, my baby and something. This is just my Fangirling. :3 Gaara loves us all for loving him. xD So dont attack others with: “My Gaara, I hate you! Get away from him, he is MINE!” ._. Pls stop that.

However, we were at Episode 388, the flashback from Gaara’s past. In the next episodes, Madara unfortunately succeeds in seizing Bijuus. 

At that moment Shukaku recognized what Gaara really looked like. He accepted him at that moment and recognized his feelings. That was great ♥
And so it happened that Naruto was in danger of life and threatened to die. Gaara did not hesitate. This was so beautiful T-T ♥♥

Gaara could finally seize the chance and rescue Naruto, just as he once saved him. This friendship is so great. I was in tears. He got help and wanted to do anything to save Naruto.

And then a new season began, and she turned completely around Gaara and Sunagakure. 19 episodes that revolve around Sunagakure, the desert and Gaara. That was SO GREAT  
It was about the Chunin Exams in Sunagakure. Gaara knew about the danger because of his Bijuus, however, it put on it.

Gaara wanted to get rid of the rebels in his own village to convince them that he had changed. ♥ It was great to see him so often! I was totally happy and squealed all the time before my PC xD

And then it was also told that Gaara got to know someone very similar to his friend Lee: Shira! He could also only use Taijutsu and Gaara fascinated his strength. He reminds him of Lee and Gaara wanted to give Shira a better life. He let him become a Shinobi! ♥ Gaara even trained with him and Shira taught him how to use Taijutsu better.
(btw, Gaara is super sexy while using Taijutsu … huehuehue …)

Here are a few screencaps from the following episodes ~ In the following episodes, Gaara guarded the second round of examinations and despite the warnings of his people and siblings, he left the tower and set out to monitor everything closely.

Gaaras eye! ♥♥♥ I lost myself in them …~

And then: Gaara’s first encounter with Fû! Another Jinchuuriki. 

When Gaara, during the second trial, set out to save his disciples, he was targeted by a rebel from Sunagakure. Its bijuu should be extracted and I sat in front of the pc and cried all the time when the chain wanted to pull the bijuu out. (I knew he did not die, but still …)

Sand Clones ~ ♥ (He comes to help his students.

I’d loveto scratched the guy who did it. My poor Bby ;-;
And then Fuu came to help Gaara. I cried …

Fu came to help him. And later Neji and the others too and they saved him ;-; ♥ Breaks my heart anytime I see my little bby this way T-T

After Gaara was rescued, the third test was to be canceled and Gaara talked the man who was responsible for the attack.

He told him about his life and actually reached his heart, whereupon he killed himself. (He deserve it…)

Then came the final speech before the participants. That the third test should fail and the reports sent to the villages. And that the ninja world needs new rules and laws over time. Sometimes I believe that Gaara was the reason why peace was created between the nations.

Yeah … *tears up* That was it with Part V of my little all-of-Flashback of our beloved Kazekage. This Episodes were great and it shows how much his students and the Village needs Gaara. ♥♥

But the Season of the Exams was AWESOME ♥
I hope you like my little Flashback-Storys of my Feelings ;-;


Part VI follows!

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