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COLD (Gabriel x reader)

Warnings: none really just some fluff really

Summary: you’re alone in your cold room, watching Friends when Gabriel knocks on your door.

Note: My first time writing Gabriel, so sorry if it sucks! Aaaaand again, English is not my native language and I would love to get feedback! 

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You were lying in your bed. It was cold so you had the blanket pulled all up over you, but still you felt cold.

Your laptop was on your lap (ironically), and you were re-watching Friends for the fifth time or so. You had lost count. You were only at season one, and even if you hadn’t known that they would get married, you shipped Chandler and Monica so ever much. They were perfect for each other. How you dreamed about finding that kind of love in your life.

Suddenly, someone knocked on your door. It was late, so it came as a surprise that someone was up this late.

“It’s open.” You said and paused the show. The door opened slowly, and Gabriel came to sight. He had been staying at the Bunker to help you and the Winchesters with a hunt. He was nice, Gabriel. His pranks could be annoying, but he was truly a nice guy who only meant good. And you had fallen for him. His looks, his being, his voice, him. At first you were afraid. Falling in love with an Archangel seemed dangerous for some reason.

“I’m bored.” He said. You laughed at his statement, and signed him to sit next to you. He rolled his eyes, but did as you wanted.

“Are you watching that damn show again?” he asked sarcastically. You looked at him and smiled. He looked so adorable. If he was an animal, he would be a dog. Probably a Corgi. Hoping that he hadn’t read your mind, you turned and started the show again.

“I am, and now you’re gonna watch it with me.” You asked, making him smile. He moved closer to you, wrapping an arm around. He was warm against your cold.

“You’re freezing.” He stated and looked concerned at you.

“I definitely am.” You answered him. He took the computer of your lap and placed it at the end of the bed, and then the most amazing thing happened. He pulled you into himself, and, his wings. They seemed to fill the whole room when they wrapped around you. They were warm and beautiful, golden.

“What are you doing Gabriel?” you asked a little confused why he was acting like this.

He stopped up and looked shocked at you.

“You can, see them…? he asked, still shocked.

“Yes. Why? Is that bad? I can’t see Castiel’s, but I just guessed that it’s only Archangel wings that are visible…” you explained.

“Wings are not visible, only, only for mates.” He said. You gave him a confused look.

“Mates?” you questioned.

“Soul mates.” He said and looked down. You stopped breathing, and it felt as if time stopped. Gabriel and you, locked together.

“That means that we-“

“Are soul mates.” He finished.

“How is that even possible?” you asked confused.

“I-I don’t know. I just.” He took a deep breath in. “It explains why I have loved you from the moment I saw you.” He said and smiled, hoping it didn’t sound too cheesy. You blushed and looked into his beautiful eyes. He looked so happy, breathtaking.

“I love you too.” You said. He smiled even more before he leaned down to kiss you.

And yes, maybe it was dangerous to fall in love with an Archangel. But it was worth it.



Not so much a French Mistake (2/2)

Author: Anna
Pairing: CastielXReader
Reader Gender: Female anatomy, Female Pronouns
Smut Warnings: Smut (in Part 2), Young reader (She’s 18), Fear, Ummm… Swearing? Unprotected Sex (If he ain’t no guardian angel, use protection, guard yourself from disease and unwanted pregnancies) Mentions of the episode French Mistake
Prompt: Reader is from our world and finds herself in the world of Supernatural. Really weirds out Sam, Dean and Cas.Turns out hunting isn’t so easy, Reader gets herself hurt while hunting a Vampire, Castiel comforts and pretty much seduces reader.

I wake up in a soft bed, confused and terrified.
I hear a rustle and a loud voice ask, “Are you okay?”
I bolt up, and look around, Castiel is standing before me looking worried.
“I’m fine… Uh… I take it I’m not home yet?” I look down at my hands and notice I’m practically in the nude.
I cut off Castiel’s, “No,” to ask, “Did you undress me?” as I cover myself up with the blanket that lays next to me.
“Yes.” His words are matter of fact.
“But… Why?” My thoughts race. I am most definitely not good looking enought for a fucking angel to be seeing me naked!
“You were not unsatisfactory to look at, though I can not see why you are worrying about such things of little importance when you had just died.”
“Died? I died? Wait! I wasn’t un… what?”
“Unsatisfactory to look at. You are one of my father’s best looking creations. I do not mind seeing you the way it was intended.“
Did he just say he liked seeing me naked? Is that what he was implying? I wouldn’t mind seeing him naked… Lying underneath him as he pounds into me, forcing me to be quiet, telling me not to move or I won’t be able to cum… I feel my pussy clench at the thought.
“If you wish,” Castiel snaps his fingers and he’s completely nude. My eyes widen and wonder down his gorgeous body, his penis hard and… big! Well, long, he’s not too terribly thick, but his length…
“Are you sure you want to have sexual intercourse with an angel, [Y/N]. It can be quite… intense for mortals.”
“What do you mean, I never sai-”
“No but you thought it. I am very willing to participate in your unholy fantasies, and am sure you will find me satisfactory.”
“Oh…” Oh my, he’ll have sex with me! Will he be dominating? Oh my god, his voice telling me not to cum unless he says so… mmm…
“I will take that as consent, yes?”
I nod, and he kisses me, demanding and hard. Castiel forces me back down on the bed, pinning my arms above my head.
He breaks the kiss and whispers deeply into my ear, “Don’t move your arms.”
And he trails warm wet kisses down my chest. I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter as he moves down, closer to wear I want him most.
Castiel Snaps his fingers once more and my panties vanish and his mouth meets my core, tongue slowly sliding up my slit and meeting my clit, my hands instictively move and card through his hair, moaning out in praise, I raise my hips.
I feel Castiel make a tut noise against my clit and he bites down upon it, causing me to scream, pain and pleasure errupting through my body.
He sucks my clit into his mouth and moves his tongue quickly over it as he sucks. My orgasm approaches quickly and right before I teeter over the edge of bliss, he pulls away.
I cry out, “Castiel!”
He wipes his mouth of my juices and shakes his head at me, grabbing my wrists harshly, and pushing them back above my head and in an angry tone growls, “I told you to keep these up here!”
“I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to…” It comes out more as a needy moan than words, but, hey I tried.
“And you are not to cum unless I give you my apporval to do so. You were going to orgasm without even asking, weren’t you?”
His voice is so low, and so gravely, and his words so sexy, I could cum just hearing them.
But he’s right, I was going to give into the pleasure without even a thought to let him know.
“Roll onto your back like a good little human, now.” I do as he says, and he leans over my naked body, his mouth near my left shoulder blade. Castiel presses open mouth, kisses from my shoulder blade up to my ear, brushing my hair out of his way. “Now, you are going to listen very carefully to my instructions, correct?”
My breath hitches, as his whisper registers in my brain. “Yes, Sir.” I whine, neediness making my thought process nearly impossible.
“You are going to lay completely still as I fuck you from behind. You are not going to cum. I will edge you three times, before I decide whether or not your orgasm is going to be reached. Do you understand?” He bites the tip of my ear, causing me to moan out a yes.
“Good girl.”
He straightens out, pulling my hips up so I’m on my knees with my upper body laying on the bed. He runs the tip of his cock up and down my pussy lips, a long drawn out and needy moan rises out of my throat.
He plunges in once, before pulling out and running his tip around my clit.
I feel myself starting to shake with need. The urge to push back so he is completely inside of me is hard to ignore.
His tip is slapped against my cunt, and I nearly convulse, the pleasurefilled pain engulfing my senses. But there’s something else there. Something else that’s making this more intense than it would otherwise be.
He plunges into me, or at least it feels as though he does, but I still feel his wet tip circling my clit, and still I feel him thrusting in and out of me. And then I feel his mouth on both of my nipples, despite them covered by the bed, and his not having moved an inch. I cry out, the feelings surrounding me overwhelming my senses. And then I feel his lips; although I still feel them on each of my nipples, at the base of my neck, sucking hard, and creating a whole new level of pleasure. I’m plummeting quickly to my orgasm, and only just barely manage to hang on to it, just grasping at the strings of it. But he’s unrelenting and control isn’t my best virtue. Just before I fall over, I scream out, “Castiel, I can’t… I’m gonna-”
He interupts me with a harsh growl, the sucking of my neck stopping, “Hold it. Five seconds. Four, thats it. Two. One,” everything stops all at once, but he remains inside of me, my pussy walls clenching at his cock, chasing the fading orgasm I never reached. So close, my eyes are clenched shut as I breathe through the denied pleasure. “Good girl. Very good,” Castiel brushes through my hair with his long fingers.
Just as my intense arousal starts ebbing away, Castiel removed his hard member from my desperate pussy. He has me lay upside down off the edge of the bed, leaving only my lower back and legs on the bed. legs around his waist as he enter me once more.
This angle is strange, but he nails directly into my sweet spot, and I see stars. Slowly he thrusts out, and in me, rubbing against my sweet spot with every entry, his thumb stroking small, slow circles on my clit. I want to rotate my hips, make him go quicker, but the sweet barely there torture is winding me up tighter than I believe I’ve ever truly been, and stiving off this orgasm is harder to do than last time, because it’s a trickle. I only get wind of it’s approach right before I feel myself almost submerging into the pleasure, but Cas again stops his antics. Letting me nearly clench my way into orgasm before he removes himself from me, so I’m unable to do so. I breathe in and out, trying to calm myself.
“On your back.” is his only instruction, and I’m quick, although clumsy, to follow. He leans over me, kissing his way down my kneck to my chest, down the valley between my breast, to my navel, and back up to my lips. He captures them in an emotionfilled kiss that takes my breath away and dizzy’s my thoughts even more.
Hw enters me a third time, and with quick stratigically aimed thrusts, I’m close to my orgasm quicker than I’ve ever been, but he stops right as I’m teetering once more. “Clench until you cum.” he orders and my pussy obeys, not even needing the instructing and as soon as I’m falling through bliss he starts jack hammering into me, and soon, all I see is a bright light, blinding my sight, and my senses explode. I’m not sure if I’m even breathing. All that is real is the pleasure inside of me, long and intense.

I run into Castiel, and fall onto the concrete ground. We’re back at the convention and he’s wearing a baby blue polo shirt and a dorky grin, “Sorry, I didn’t see you there,” his voice is lighter, and his eyes less intense.
“Wha- I… uh? What?”
“Are you okay? Here, come with me. We’ll get you some water, I’ll introduce you to Richard myself. Maybe Gen can see if you have a concussion.”
I follow Cas stupidly through the crowd, and into a well lit back room filled with tables.
He sits me down and I asks me if I know where we’re at, I guess Whippany, and he says, good. He asks if I know my name, I say yes. He asks if I know his name, and he laughs when I answer Castiel.
“That’s just a character, of course. I’m Misha, and hey look, here comes Richard now.”
Richard approaches and asks Misha for a moment alone with me. “So, did you enhoy the show?” he asks, and I gape at him confused.
“I’m an Angel, and I could tell you needed some Angel loving. Glad to have helped.”








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