m: resident evil

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she really means: The Bakers from Resident Evil 7 were such good people and even though they are fictional characters it really makes me feel bad when they just wanted to help Eveline and the other survivors from the boat crash, and just ended up being victims to Eveline. And poor Zoe suddenly her parents and brother who were kind and nice are regenerating mutant psychopath's under Eveline's control that she has to hide from.

“show me your eyes.” you stated.

“why so curious little bird?” Wesker didnt even turn his head to look at you, disinterested in your interest.

“i’ve never seen them before and you saved me six months ago. i’ve been in this underground bunker with you and i dont know anything about you.”

Wesker turned to look at you, or at least in your direction since with sunglasses you never know if he’s ever really looking at you. “would you really like to see them?” he asked.

you nodded. he took them off, eyes glowing. he grinned at your reaction, “didnt expect this did you little bird?”

D.C. Douglas sends me an incredible message on twitter!
So there's a bit of a story to this....

Okay so I put up this message after recording Wesker Mode footage from HD Resident Evil 0. Which it turned it a sort of podcast that will be posted in three parts on my youtube account through out the next three days. 

Here’s the original pic. VVV

Then he replies back and this makes me wonder if he knew about Wesker Mode at all?

Then THIS MAN, THIS STRANGE WONDERFUL MAN SENDS ME (and I was just trying to make a joke with the original post by the way) THE VIDEO ABOVE.