m: request

Someone requested Tord w/ monster Tom (fully shifted) but im dumb and accidentally deleted the ask aaayyye

also,, tried doing Moho’s monster tom design but i dont really know if i got his design right because i didnt use references while drawing it gkjfhgjk hope it looks okay 

anonymous asked:

so...we've seen Shiro and Keith pining together, Lance and Shiro pining together, can we see Lance and Allura hanging out and pining over the Boys??

she changed the subject so quickly because literally like 3 minutes earlier, keith texted her about how he was so glad he kept the marmora suit for…. ahem…. reasons

aymayzing  asked:

Hi! I love your chats so much, why are they so good?? Also, your jealous Lance is perfect💜 So maybe another one with that? Like, some hot alien dude is flirting with Keith and Shiro says that Keith's flustered and blushing and Lance's jealous cuz he was planning to ask Keith out or smth? Thank You so much💜💜

omg bless!! i’m so glad you like these little chats and i hope this new dose of jealous!lance is acceptable lmao!! :)
(p.s. to all of you sending in requests for more jealous!keef……. soon, my lovelies 😉)

rip in pieces lance