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Why I Hate You (Richie Tozier/Reader)

(A/N: The gif is unrelated. My Richie gif stock is forever dwindling. Anyways I hope this isn’t too stupid I’m just trying to have a good time. Also they’re a lil older in this one just bc otherwise theres no way their parents would let them camp overnight by themselves lmao theyre children. It feels like a long time since I’ve straight up done a request this is wild)

Request: “how about an richie x reader where the reader and richie don’t like eachother/roast eachother a lot and the losers go camping and reader forgets her sleeping bag and Richie’s sleeping bag is the only big enough to share”

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Zuko: We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Azula: I am going to need to see the whole map and the number of bridges there are along with the time it will take to cross them and if we can find a more efficient way to cross them.




      Gintama + Sakamoto Tatsuma → requested by @ungewissen

Until merchandise are on the shelf, they’re always “just” something. No different from “just” a rock that’s lying on the ground. A merchant is an alchemist that changes that “just” into something with value that can be exchanged for money.


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Request: Could you do a Sebastian Stan x reader where he’s been gonna away filming for quite some time and his 2 y/o son doesn’t remember him so the reader comforts him and stuff. 

A/N: Sad, but happy fluff? I don’t even know, fam. But I hope you guys like this requested one shot! Requests are open! Let me know if you’d like to be tagged in anything or added to my Permanent Taglist! xx

Word Count: 2.5k

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: none


Y/N smiled down at her son and clutched him tightly. His resemblance to Sebastian still astounded her; he had his dark thick hair and ocean blue eyes and that beaming smile. From her he had gotten his cute little nose, but the rest was all Sebastian. Y/N didn’t mind: it was like always having a mini version of her husband running around. It made things a little bit more bearable when he was away filming away for long periods of time.

At the same time, it made her sad as well because Sebastian missed so much of Elijah’s milestones. She wished Sebastian was home more, but she understood how hard he worked and how much it meant to him. And she always supported him; she had when they started dating and when they had gotten married. Even when they had learned they were expecting their first child, she vowed she would support him no matter would. Sebastian did try to be home as much as he could, but she knew it was hard on him. She always secretly hoped he would slow down, but she’d never ask him to give up his career. She’d always wait for him.

Elijah had fallen asleep in her arms, his little face scrunched up as he dreamed away. She gently stood up and put him in his bed, hoping he’d sleep through the night so she could get some much needed rest as well. She watched him sleep peacefuly for a few minutes, untroubled by the world, still so innocent and young.

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The Animal Inside - Donatello x reader

Universe: Teenage Mutant Teenage Turtles (Paramount movieverse)

Rating: XXX (turtle sex)

Characters: Donatello, [You]

Summary: Donny didn’t often get aggravated or angry. You weren’t sure how to handle him when he did. Lucky for you, though, his anger could be funneled into more…productive things.

You were working in your lover’s lab, specifically using his desk to alter a blueprint of his (he’d asked), when he came storming in, talking in a lightning-fast tirade.

“–does he think he is telling me how to act I had everything under control and he just jumped in like the damn diva he is and pretended like he saved the day and then to get all self-righteous about it too his brain’s overflowing with dopamine the fool he’s gonna get himself hurt next time and I won’t be there to stitch him up–”

You blinked, having a hard time following what he was saying. He was circling the island table now, gesturing nothing in particular, and when he got to your side you put your arm out to catch him.

“Whoa, Don, hang on,” you said, getting his attention.

He looked at you, but his eyes were far away, his nostrils flaring. You’d never seen him like this and didn’t know what to do about it.

“What happened?” you demanded.

“I have skill!” he snapped in reply.

You fully agreed. “Well, yeah, but–” you started.

He cut you off, working himself up again. “I have plenty of skill! I don’t need anyone watching me or checking for mistakes o-or yelling at me if I don’t get something done in 0.0043 seconds like he wants and then acting like a freaking arrogant demigod when he does what I was going to do first!”

What the hell was he talking about? You had no words for this, no idea what you should say.

Then, to your surprise, Donny started up again – this time outlining some kind of physical fighting moves you couldn’t follow – and grabbed you by the thighs, hefting you up onto the desk in a fluid motion.

You couldn’t help a gasp at the motion, wondering what the hell he was doing now. He shoved the rolling chair out of the way with a violent kick, making it roll until a wheel caught on a cord and made it flip over.

Jesus. Fists on the desk on either side of you, Donny drew in close, and you found yourself thinking, Who is this guy? It wasn’t the Donatello you knew and loved – but you found yourself feeling thrills at his behavior all the same.

You could come to like this side of him.

“–and I can manage a fucking spinning kick just fine, you know that!” he ended his tirade, chest heaving with his outburst.

Still lost, you gave a tentative, “Sure?”

That wasn’t the answer he’d been looking for. You saw his eyes narrow behind his glasses, then he flung them off his head – you didn’t see where they went, but you heard something collide and shatter – and then he was mashing his mouth against yours, giving you an aggressive and needy kiss unlike any you’d shared before.

Holy shit, he was crazed! And, well, maybe you liked it…okay, you really liked it, but it wasn’t your fault! He’d never been forceful like this before and it was giving you delicious little quivers.

His grip bordered on bruising as he clutched you against him, his tongue invading your mouth with rough strokes. A part of you was so off-balance right then that you kept trying to withdraw, wanting to double-check and make sure this was the same turtle you knew.

He never let you get far, and eventually you ended up lying back on the desk with him bent over you, still devouring your mouth. With nowhere left to go, you could only moan and scratch at him, his actions starting to arouse the hell out of you.

Between kisses, he bit out, “Don’t–need him–to fucking–critique me!”

Good god, he’d never sworn like this either and you couldn’t help feeling turned on by it. Whatever his reasons for being so upset, you were weirdly happy it’d happened.

Then he drew back, breaking the kiss with an obscene smack, and his hands went right for the button of your shorts. Shocked but aroused at once, you swung your gaze over to the lab’s door – a freaking curtain – as your lover yanked your shorts open.

Your heart was pounding, going a mile a minute, when he divested you of your lower garments, still ranting about whatever-it-was as he went (you couldn’t really focus on his words anymore). Then, kneeling down, he brought his mouth between your legs.

You yelped, pleasure ricocheting through you, and clamped both hands over your mouth. His hands gripped your thighs where he wanted them as he set in, devouring you, and for lack of any supporting objects you rested your heels on his shell.

That talented mouth of his did wonders; you were wet in no time, and he yanked his head back with such an incredibly strong suck that you cried out, shuddering. Son of a bitch! That one move made your nipples harden to damn rocks!

Before you even had time to recover and catch your breath from his frenzied pleasuring, he was on you again, sucking on your lips and tongue. You felt his cock then, prodding at your entrance, and somehow you managed to feel surprised by that. Maybe because you hadn’t seen it coming – and you always saw it coming. Until now, Donny had always made sure of that.

He was so gifted in this arena that he’d unfailingly taken the time to let you get mentally prepared for it.

Not this time.

You’d taken it enough times by now that you knew that part wasn’t going to be an issue, but his demanding manner made you a little hesitant. His behavior so far suggested he was about to pound you into the wall. Logically, that gave you pause – emotionally, you almost creamed yourself.

Then he was pushing inside and you moaned against his mouth, such sweet pleasure rushing through you as he started to fill you up. He was more controlled now than he’d been a moment before, pressing in and receding gently enough to let you get used to his girth. But that didn’t last any longer than it needed to.

The moment he was fully sheathed and you were moaning in approval, he set in at a quick, hard pace that had you jolting from each thrust. He hooked his arms under your knees, holding them aloft while he hammered you like a bent nail.

You were lost in seconds, unable to focus on anything except holding on for dear life. When Donny broke the kiss and started nipping at your neck, pleasure singing through you and making you give a near-constant string of cries, you heard him still muttering.

His mind was never in fewer than two places at once, even now. But while you definitely heard some ranting, you were also starting to hear compliments – talking about how hot you felt and how you squeezed him every time he bit you.

It only seemed to spur him on more.

Suddenly he reeled back, standing upright and grasping your hips tight. The position gave him the freedom to snap his own hips harder and faster than before, and for a moment you were scared he was going to launch you clear off the desk. You reached out and snagged his suspenders, clinging to them for stability – his vigorous motions made one of them snap loose and fling over his shoulder.

Giving up on that endeavor, you grabbed the desk instead. Squelching and clapping sounds – along with your own pleasured screams – echoed in the lab, an audible representation of just how fucking good it felt. Your entire body was shuddering by now, and when you heard Donny gasp, “–love you so god damn much–!” you came.


Point of fact, you squirted, the pleasure so intense you felt but couldn’t hear your own scream. Your lover just kept on railing you the whole time, until your eyes rolled back and you forgot how to breathe.

Between your ringing ears and numb body and heaving chest, you missed what he did next, but when you started to come back to reality you felt he was biting you again. Mouth on your neck and arms around your middle, he was clinging to you, and you could feel his cock pulsing inside you.

Ho. Ly. Shit.

You were practically wheezing as you caught your breath, body shuddering and shaking – most notably your legs – but you managed to get out, “Holy…fucking…shit…whatever…just…pissed…you off…keep…doing it!”

He groaned against you, making your throat vibrate, and you took that as an ‘affirmative’.

Again, my friend @sultrysirens wrote this steamy piece. If you like steamy, check out their Raphael fic, The Dancer 

stranger-tozier  asked:



- so it’s their first DATE
- richie shows up outside eddies house 15 minutes early in his gross pickup truck that eddie hates (loves) and hands him a bouquet of sunflowers with a small smile
- eddie is wearing his FAVORITE ripped jeans with a cream sweater and grey converse, his hair all curly and BEAUTIFUL AND CARAMEL BROWN
- richie is wearing a ‘the cure’ t-shirt with a Hawaiian shirt over it, a jean jacket over that, tight black jeans clad on his legs and his signature red sneakers on his feet. (also if u don’t think this outfit sounds amazing i don’t like you,,,,, RICHIE IS A STYLE ICON!!!) also he has like long beautiful curly hair (GOD IM GAY FOR HIM AND IM A GAY WOMAN SO????? I DONT??? GET IT????)
- so when richie firsts tells eddie that they are heading to the bowling alley on their FIRST DATE, he flips out and yells at rich for like 10 minutes because, “do you know HOW MANY GERMS ARE IN THOSE PLACES RICH??? HOW MANY FINGERS HAVE BEEN IN THOSE HOLES????”
- it takes everything in richie not to laugh at that
- eddie knows he actually doesn’t mind the germs, he’s been getting better with them since he stopped believing everything his mother told him.
- so it’s not the germs making him nervous, it’s the fact that eddie has never gone bowling before, and he’s not ready to make a fool of himself in front of his date, even if his date is Richie Tozier, certified Dork™
- so after checking in and putting in the shoes and picking out balls (richies is green and eddies is pink because ‘i like the color YOU PRICK!’) and putting their names onto the scoreboard (“richie if you write ed’s up there i swear to fuck,,,”)(they end up as ‘dickard’ and ‘sweet ass’ much to richies delight and eddies dismay) they finally start to bowl
- and holy shit is EDDIE AWFUL!!!
- richie can’t even contain his laughter as the smaller boy continuously rolls his ball into the gutter
- “shut up rich it isn’t FUNNY!” he screams as richie literally is dying of giggles
- “i just” *giggle* “cant believe” *wheeze* “how awful you are!” *wheeze and knee slap* “it’s like you’ve never bowled before!”
- eddie just blushes and looks away, too embarrassed to tell richie that he HADN’T EVER BEEN! no one ever wanted to take eddie bowling! how awful is that? he’s almost 19!
- “oh my god you HAVEN’T HAVE YOU????” “beep fucking beep, richie!”
- “don’t worry babe, i’ll teach you,,,,” richie says and winks, making eddie want to punch him but also turning him into a blushing fool.
- so, richie always keeps his word, on eddies next turn richie steps up behind him and sets a careful hand on the smaller boys waist (eddie can barely even contain his smile)
- he grabs eddies wrist on the hand holding the ball and slowly draws their arms back, before pushing them forward and watching the bubblegum pink ball roll straight down the middle of the lanes
- eddie can’t believe IT!!!!! HE DID IT!!!!!
- he spins around in richies arms and squeals “WE DID IT! I DID IT!!” and kisses richie right on the mouth before pulling back and realizing what he’s done
- “oh god i’m so sorry,,” eddie apologizes and untangles himself from richies arms
- “don’t be!” and before he knows what’s happening richie is spinning him around and kissing him again and again and again
- and again
- and when they both pull away eddie is just blushing so much like the LOVESICK FOOL HE IS
- and richie is smiling so BIG eddie swears he’s the most beautiful thing in the whole world
- (richie would say the same about eds)
- and sure everyone is staring at them but WHO CARES??? THEY’RE JUST SOFT BOYS IN LOV BOWLING TOGETHER
- (they then have bowling night every sunday night and even though eddie gets good eventually, richie still insists on helping him, and no matter what, eddie always hits all the pins when he can feel richies breath on his neck)

thank you for the REQUEST MY LOV I LOVE U