m: rennerson~

So yesterday I saw again AoU with my mom
  • *Natasha flirting with Bruce*
  • Mom: why is she flirting with him? i thought she loved the bow guy
  • Me: i know
  • Mom: isn't she dating the other guy?
  • Me: unfortunately, no
  • Mom: well it looked like it in the previous movie
  • Me: *sobs*
  • *clint's family is revealed*
  • Mom: OH MY GOD
  • Me: I KNOW
  • Mom: aww i really wanted these two to be together
  • Me: me too
  • *when clint is worried about nat*
  • Mom: they love each other
  • Me: thank you
  • *natasha says she adores bruce*
  • Mom: she should be with the other guy
  • Me: yes

“How did your characters complement one another while avenging?” [ ]